Hey Beauties – Are You OK?

  There is no denying that this has been one of the most challenging years ever experienced by many people. The general mood of our nation has understandably dropped and many have reported feelings of depression- a huge percentage of them for the first time in their lives. If you’re feeling unlike yourself we wanted … Read more

5 Makeup Tips To Help You Look Slimmer

  While we don’t place a great amount of emphasis on size and shape at our age, it is possible to look a little slimmer thanks to some simple makeup techniques. Want to hear more? Contouring We don’t mean extreme face sculpting but more gentle, well-placed shading. It’s not difficult or scary. First, choose your … Read more

Common Makeup Mistakes To Avoid Over 40

  It’s easy for a makeup routine to turn into a rut. We become so used to doing things one way we don’t have time to stop and assess the changes to our skin or the subtle shifts in face shape. But it really is worth reassessing now and then because as our appearance changes … Read more

Masks – The Latest Accessory

We hope you’re all staying well whenever you are and we especially send lots of love to those who are enduring additional restrictions currently. For a large portion of the country, mask-wearing has become part of daily life. With that in mind, our co-founder Kathrine has created this quick little eye makeup routine which is … Read more

What Does Makeup Mean To You?

  Makeup: It’s been referred to as “war paint”, we often say we will “put our face on” and countless women have proclaimed they won’t leave the house without a particular makeup application. For most of us, it’s not a frivolous purchase because it plays a role in our psyche. So we asked, what does … Read more