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As we head into our 40’s and beyond, the dreaded perimenopause or menopause sets in and hot flashes become a reality – some of us experience hot skin and flushing without sweating, while others sweat so much they need a change of clothes!  Not only that, the body becomes less tolerant of heat as we age.  Mix this with soaring temperatures and anxious situations we sometimes have to face, and you may find your makeup slipping away through the day. We are here to help….. follow these easy hacks to look fresh-faced even when you are not feeling it.



Prime, Prime, Prime
Invest in a primer, a magical product that prepares the face after the last skincare step and prior to applying foundation or tinted moisturizer. Think of it like a base coat that evens out skin tone, grips the next product in place, and also helps to minimize the appearance of pores and blemishes. Priming is an essential weapon in the fight against sweat, especially if you suffer from oily skin. Our Illuminating Primer is formulated especially for mature skin, providing hydration, smoothness, and a gorgeous glow.





Select Your Foundation Wisely
Do your research when it comes to a foundation as this is the most important product in your sweat-proof arsenal. Select water-based, longer-wearing, and waterproof options that are finely textured enough to feel weightless on the skin. Avoid heavy creams and always follow a less is more approach – better to build up than cake on. According to award-winning, over 40’s makeup expert, Amanda Ramsay, ‘foundation on hormonal skin is best applied in thin layers and built up to what is required, only where needed’. If you are prone to oiliness, there are plenty of matte options available. Mineral makeup has a number of added benefits to survive the sweat – it’s made of natural ingredients that allow the skin to breathe, is water-resistant, and ensures lasting coverage. Read more about our All-Day Foundation here. 



Setting the Standard
The final step after priming and applying foundation is to seal it in place for the day by using a translucent powder and finishing spray. Amanda Ramsay encourages using powder mineral makeup that is super-refined and easily able to absorb excess perspiration and oil residue. A powder is a great tool to ‘set’ your foundation and is available in a dusting and portable compact option to use on-the-go. Opt for an extremely light-weight version that does not end up settling in pores and fine lines, looking cakey or stiff.




Everyday Touch-Up Tools
A touch-up kit is handy for adventures during the day to mop up excess sweat, oil and shine on the face. You never know when you may break into a sweat, so keep super-absorbent blotting paper sheets ready to dab on wet areas and soak up excess moisture. Make sure your sweat-prone spots are completely dry before applying powder touch-ups to hot spots. Always keep a fine hydrating mist to hand, not only for a cooling respite but to refresh the complexion and try not to touch your face through the day!



What’s your favourite touch up tip to alleviate perspiration? Do you have any products or tricks you use to help your makeup last all day? Share in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Foundation Makeup – Surviving the Sweat”

  1. In my mid seventies eye shadow has always been a failure. Is the the slate eye pencil going to be the answer? I am purchasing products impressed by your video. I have sun ravaged skin misspent youth at the beach

    • Hi Selwyn, thank you for the message. Our slate eye pencil is a lovely soft grey, and is rich in beeswax which makes it very easy to apply without pulling or stretching the delicate skin around the eyes. You can use on both the eyelid and along the waterline. Please email us on if you would like any further help or information.

  2. Hi there,
    If the eye liner has bees wax, it isn’t vegan. Do any other of your products have beeswax or other animal products in them as I thought you make vegan makeup.

    • Hi Ann
      Thank you for your message. The eyeliner, lipliner and brow butter contain beeswax and you are correct, are not therefore vegan. We include the beeswax because it makes the application smooth and soft. The rest of the range is 100% vegan and of course, none of our range is tested on animals. We are 100% cruelty free. Please email us on if you would like any further help or information.

    • Hi Lillian, yes, you can your moisturiser first, then the Glow Face Oil and lastly your sunscreen. The oil is gentle enough to be used around the eye area, but please check the ingredients first to ensure you have no sensitivities.


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