Whatever your age, we believe that you should feel confident and beautiful every day and our luxurious, all-natural makeup for older women will help you do just that. No matter if you wear makeup every day or just on special occasions, add some RAGEISM BEAUTY to your makeup kit and they will soon be your favourite go-to products. Freshen up your skin tone, soften fine lines and say goodbye to those dark circles – it doesn’t matter whether you’re in your forties or eighties! You’re entitled to look and feel beautiful at any age.

You can shop our entire range here, whether you are looking for a few additions to your makeup kit or a whole new set; we have you covered. We also have a range of gorgeous makeup tools that will make applying your makeup a dream. Just like our mineral makeup products, our vegan tools have been made with the finest quality materials. It’s time to rage against ageism and join the Rageism Beauty movement now.




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At RAGEISM, we live and breathe empowering women over 40 to be truly confident and love the skin they are in. We invite you to check out our blog which offers not only makeup advice but also tips on achieving better overall health as well as profiles on women over 40 who are, in our opinion, the embodiment of what RAGEISM BEAUTY stands for.

Beauty for the Ages

Beauty isn’t inherited. It is earned. And no one has earned it more than the woman who has truly lived.

Each line and imperfection is a sign of a life well-spent. Beauty is for the woman who has seen it all and who refuses to stay invisible in a youth-obsessed culture.

But more importantly, beauty is for the woman who believes in mindful and sustainable self-care – one where clean, chemical-free makeup for older women takes priority over the latest trends.

Rageism Beauty brings you Australian-made makeup for mature skin using the finest locally sourced ingredients and packaging. As the only luxury brand designed for women over 40 in Australia, each and every one of our products are crafted with passion.

Because we don’t believe in compromise when it comes to beauty and self-care. Rageism Beauty lets you have it all, from local to luxury and inclusive to cruelty-free.

We call on all women to take a stand against the obsession with youth. Rageism is more than makeup. It’s a movement.

Join the rage against ageism

Rageism is here to challenge our preconceived notions of beauty by putting the spotlight on makeup for mature women. With very few exceptions, beauty brands use images of young women for their campaigns, and yet older women have more purchasing power, making up a sizeable chunk of consumers.

We will no longer stay on the sidelines. Women over 40 are discerning consumers who know exactly what they want from their cosmetics: clean, ethical, luxurious, and locally sourced. And they refuse to settle for anything less.

It’s time beauty brands listened. Rageism is here to heed your call. Made with beneficial, all natural ingredients, our products were tailor-made for mature skin. Kiss fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol, and other artificial substances goodbye.

With a short, clean, and easy-to-pronounce ingredients list, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what it can do for your skin. Learn about our ingredients here.

But what’s on the outside matters, too. That’s why our recyclable packaging is stylish, durable, and made with the best locally sourced materials.

We’re proud to say that our makeup is not tested on animals. In an age where there are alternatives to animal testing, we don’t see the need to inflict cruelty on animals for our benefit. Vegan-friendly, cruelty free, and sustainable, Rageism isn’t just good for women over 40. It’s also good for the environment!

Mineral makeup for the confident, self-assured woman

There’s a kind of confidence that can only come with age. It’s the way she commands the room with her presence. That lit-from-within glow that turns heads in a busy street. The willingness to assert herself against ageism and claim her rightful place in a youth-obsessed landscape.

It’s unmistakable. She must be a Rageist Beauty.

The Rageist Beauty is a woman’s woman. She enjoys the fun and frills of lipstick and blush. By rejecting the stereotype of frumpy middle age imposed on so many women, the Rageist Beauty goes big and bold. And yet she marches to the beat of her own drum, and not to the latest beauty trends.

But more importantly, she enjoys caring for herself. Choosing only the best cosmetics, she wants clean, natural, and effective. Makeup should make her look and feel her best. Makeup and skincare should be straightforward, with ingredients that are natural and nourishing for mature skin.

Rageism Beauty makes you look good at any age because real beauty has no shelf life. Expiry dates are for products, not for people. Get in touch with your inner rageing beauty. Take up your makeup and be visible.

The Women Behind Rageism Beauty

As women over 40, Paula Nagel and Kathrine Baulderstone felt alienated by the mainstream beauty industry, with products being marketed primarily to teenagers and women in their 20s and 30s. Not only were older women conspicuously missing from beauty campaigns and glossy magazines, there were very few products that catered to the specific needs of their skin. And the ones that did were often labeled as “anti-ageing”, as if ageing were something to fear instead of embrace.

But instead of retreating from the spotlight, as older women seem to be expected to do, they decided to create a luxury brand that could fill this gap in the market.

Enter Rageism. A battle cry against the industry’s obsession with youthfulness, our beauty brand was especially formulated with mature skin in mind.

Our research team has worked tirelessly to uncover the changes in our skin as we age. The result is a diverse range of products that lets your skin breathe, improves its overall condition, and offers sun protection.

No parabens. No alcohol. No synthetic binders. Just good, clean, natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin.

All our cosmetics are designed, produced, and packaged in Australia. Rageism Beauty is a luxury brand that we can proudly call our own.

Join the Rageism movement and count yourself among the many women who refuse to bow down to mainstream beauty standards.