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Our natural Correcting Concealer is made up of a super-light formula to provide excellent coverage that is guaranteed to last through the day. Much like our Illuminating Primer and All Day Foundation, we dedicate ample time to testing our Correcting Concealer formula to ensure the final product is the best it can be.

Our Correcting Concealer works perfectly to disguise age and dark spots, dark circles, and blemishes that may appear around the eyes by evening out your skin tone. Our Correcting Concealer is even waterproof – meaning it won’t crack or crease. As this concealer smooths the harshness of wrinkles, dark circles, and lines, your skin tone and vitality are also improved. Blemishes, broken capillaries, redness, hyperpigmentation, and skin imperfections are all seamlessly corrected. While this product does work well with our All Day Foundation and Illuminating Primer, it can also work quite well alone if you are in need of quick coverage. It also blends easily and will not sit in between creases – and we have two shades on offer for you!

With quality ingredients such as cetyl alcohol and titanium dioxide, our other foundation and concealer options also offer complete coverage. 

Sometimes, it is just impossible to get the good sleep you need - whether it is because of work or a night out. Or - maybe you have just inherited those circles! In any case, if you are experiencing dark circles around your eyes, we have just the solutions you need.

Your first step is to use some foundation to cancel out this darker shade, which can be done by either using full-coverage powder formula or stick foundation. If you use the right technique while applying these, covering dark circles and blemishes will prove easy.

Next, you should begin putting on your concealer. The concealer you choose and how you use it will make all the difference in hiding dark circles. Pacifica Beauty Transcendent Concentrated Concealer, Baeblu Organic Concealer, and Au Naturale Organic Crème Concealer are all great concealers that provide superb coverage. Other brands such as Ecco Bella, RMS Beauty, Burts Bees, and Bobbi Brown also offer such great products as organic foundations, concealers, and camouflage creams that hide dark circles. Due to the natural ingredients these products have, you can always find an organic care product that will also work well for sensitive skin and oily skin.

Once you are happy with the concealer you have chosen, it is time to start putting it on. Most people tend to smear their concealer all over their dark circles - however, the triangle technique is a much more effective way to cover dark circles. This technique involves slowly dabbing a small amount of your liquid concealer with the concealer makeup stick under your eyes in the form of a triangle that is sitting upside down. Afterwards, start to blend this eye concealer underneath your eyes by gently tapping with a sponge or some makeup brushes. Once this has blended, you should be all done and ready to go!

Using natural ingredients like jojoba oils, aloe vera, shea butter, seed oil, and coconut oil can hold many benefits for your skin. These natural ingredients are likely to be in many products, such as your body wash, hand creams, body lotion, and even makeup remover. Natural and organic concealers, alongside other natural products, are great for your skin and promote clean beauty. Clean beauty refers to products made with ingredients that do not harm human health, promoting healthy skin by doing so.

Whenever you are looking for a concealer - regardless of what type you are going for - you need to find one that suits your skin tone. A number of people will go for a concealer that is a few shades lighter than their natural skin tone, which may conceal blemishes and highlight the skin well.

However, this may not work the best for covering dark circles, as the shady undertone needs to be countered with shady undertones. So how can you do this? Brown undertones can be effectively countered with peach tones while purple undertones work best with yellowish shades. After choosing your colours, all you have to do is find a concealer that is similar to your foundation shade or skin shade. Then, you are all good to go!

While natural and organic concealers can help hide dark circles, some can also help lighten darker spots, plump fine lines, and treat acne. Concealers naturally made are the key to getting that flawless and smooth makeup appearance. This is because natural concealers, such as certified organic perfection concealers, are full of nourishing ingredients you can find in moisturisers or facial serums. Some organic concealers can be found at brands like W3ll People, Au Naturale, Ere Perez, and Bio Correct.

However, you need to be careful when shopping for organic and natural products, as some brands may claim to be natural and clean - but, in reality, are not. “Greenwashing” refers to brands saying that their product is organic and natural despite using ingredients such as artificial dyes, cheap synthetics, petrochemicals, and silicones. To avoid buying fake natural products, always check the ingredients list to make sure these are as organic as they claim to be.

There are many types of concealers out there! You might be looking for natural mineral concealer, mineral fusions concealer, or creamy concealer - but how do you tell the difference between them? All concealers are used to cover dark circles, blemishes, redness, and any other areas that would still be visible underneath the foundation. Concealers come in powder, cream, and liquid form.

Cream concealer is available in a satin or cream finish, coming in a palette or small pot. This concealer has much better coverage than liquid concealer as it has opaque pigments and a quite thick texture. It is ideal for dry, sensitive, and normal skin, and you also have the option to choose how much coverage you’re looking for, ranging from medium to full coverage.

Liquid concealer comes in a matte, radiant shimmer, or satin finish. Keep in mind that matte finishes last a fair bit longer than satin finishes do. However, satin will look more natural, particularly on dry areas of skin. Radiant shimmer looks are the best for underneath your eyes as they will give them an extra glow. This concealer works best on normal, oily, sensitive skin - or skin that is prone to small outbreaks.

Stick concealer usually comes with a satin finish - however, it can also be found in matte. Both of these are long-lasting concealers that will not bleed or crack. After you have blended this concealer with a finish of your choice, you can additionally apply a thin powdered layer to make sure it stays on your skin longer. Stick concealer has a creamy, semi-solid texture that is quite similar to that of lipstick. It also contains a fair bit of pigment. This concealer is perfect for dry, sensitive, or normal skin. However, keep in mind that using this concealer on blemishes may make them worse. This is due to the waxy and heavy ingredients it contains.

Mineral concealer can come in the form of cream concealer, powder concealer, colour-correcting concealer, liquid concealer, and stick concealer. The difference between mineral concealer, like Baeblu Organic Concealer or Concealer Fair, and other concealers is that mineral concealer has ingredients that are taken from natural materials, unlike ingredients in commercial makeup. These ingredients are much better for sensitive skin, injured skin, acne-prone skin, rosacea, and perioral dermatitis.

Brands such as Lily Lolo, Fitglow Beauty, and Bareminerals Barepro not just have great concealers, but offer a wide range of natural products such as organic hair products, lip glosses, body washes, body oils, bb cream, lip balm, and even nail polishes. Organic body products such as organic lip scrubs and glosses that are fruit pigmented by brands like Harvest Natural Beauty are also great. If you’re looking for a wide range of organic makeup products, consider investing in some makeup subscription boxes by brands like Alima Pure. Gua Shas are also becoming popular as a form of natural therapy, involving smoothing over your skin with a massaging tool that improves your circulation.

Natural skin care and cosmetic products do not have to cost a fortune - and they are great for both the environment and your skin!

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