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There are many benefits you’ll experience while using any makeup mineral products that are natural and organic, especially when it comes to lip products. Firstly, mineral makeup products have in-built sunscreen. In Australia, we routinely experience endless sunny days - which means that sunscreen can’t be skipped. The fragile layer of skin your lips are covered by definitely needs some sort of sun protection. Luckily, mineral makeup products have ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which act as sunscreen and stop harmful UVB and UVA rays. Through using proper skin protection, you’re effectively fighting signs of ageing and reducing how apparent fine lines, pigmentation, and dark spots will be on your skin.

As well as in-built sunscreen, mineral makeup products are also great for sensitive skin. If you experience high skin irritation or sensitivity, then mineral makeup is a perfect solution since it is free of irritable ingredients such as talc. If your lips or skin are prone to dryness, redness, and itchiness, then you won’t go wrong with mineral makeup. It doesn’t clog your skin pores with preservatives or artificial colours, allowing your skin to properly breathe. Since these products are so gentle on the skin, some products can even soothe skin inflammatory conditions such as rosacea.

If you’ve applied your makeup well, you shouldn’t even be able to feel it since it is almost like a second skin. With mineral makeup products, this is very easy to achieve! Many products that are heavily commercialised contain talc as a bulking agent, working actively to make the formula less pigmented and heavy. As a result, this means you usually have to put many layers on to achieve the look you’ve been going for. Luckily, with mineral makeup and its breathable and lightweight formula, you only require light application on the skin and lips to make a noticeable difference.

Organic lip balm is significantly better for your lips than other types of lip balm. Lip care is much more than choosing a lipstick or lip gloss colour you think would suit your makeup best. Lips also play a big part in your oral health and require attention just like any other part of your face does. The layer of skin on your lips is sensitive and thin, meaning they are prone to chapping and cracking. Just slightly too hot or cold weather can cause them to chap, and, if lip balm is not applied, this can quickly become a bigger issue. A certified organic lip balm is one of the best natural moisturisers for your lips, as they include beneficial ingredients such as shea butter and seed oil. If you’re going for a glossier look, remember there is always the option of using tinted lip balm, natural organic lip gloss, lip glaze, and lip stain. Other products, such as natural vegan lipsticks, vegan lip balm, and vegan lip gloss are also great options you should consider.

While natural products are beneficial to you, they are also very environmentally friendly! This is because they are pesticide and chemical-free, and the ingredients they are made of are biodegradable. Companies that manufacture these organic products also do not conduct any animal testing and only use natural ingredients, ensuring there is zero waste. If you are looking for natural products, you can also consider using petroleum jelly. This can be used to help injured skin with the healing process, relieve flaking or dry skin, and prevent any chaffing you may be experiencing. (If you are wondering what the difference is between petroleum jelly and Vaseline, there is not much - Vaseline is just a brand for petroleum jelly, so they should more or less be the same.)

Luckily, there are many more natural options out there for you to pick from. There are many Meow Meow Tweet lip balms on offer, ranging from options such as rosemary eucalyptus balms to coconut cacao lip balms. Ere Perez also has great lip tints and fruit pigmented lip gloss in store for you. Similarly, Dr Hauschka or Dr Bronner’s have many organic certified ingredients included in their lip balms and lip treatment packs. These packs can be used to go the extra step and properly hydrate, protect and soften the skin on your lips. Lily Lolo, Edible Beauty, W3ll People bio and Kajer Weis lip products are also among the best for your lips.

Part of clean beauty is also knowing what ingredients you should be looking out for. Coconut oil, rosehip oil and jojoba oil are some particularly good ones that contain healing properties for your skin. These both have anti-inflammatory soothing agents that are moisturising and are great for avoiding breakouts and promoting healing for mild cases of acne. Other natural products, such as body oils, hand cream, and body wash, can also work wonders on your skin.

You can also make reusable coffee and reusable food masks by using food wraps and a few other materials. If you’re looking to make coffee face masks, the easiest way to do so is to mix grounded coffee with a non-comedogenic ingredient. This simply means an ingredient that will not clog your pores, such as grapeseed oil or sunflower seed oil. Start by mixing equal parts coffee grounds and oil and then, apply it to your face while rubbing in circles. Afterwards, leave the mask on for 15 – 60 minutes and rinse it off with water. (You can repeat this process up to three times a week.) Juice Beauty has some coffee face masks as well if you’d rather buy some than make it yourself. Ruby Red cosmetics may also have some of these, but they usually have more natural lip gloss, eyeliner, and certified organic lip glaze options.

If you’re thinking of using natural lip care products such as organic lip glaze and lip tints, then you may as well complete your natural makeup set with other healthy products! Natural products such as liquid lipsticks, matte lipsticks, fake tan kits, makeup remover and tinted lip balms are just some of the tools your makeup bag may be missing. Much of these products are often synthetic and bad for your skin, which is why you should consider natural options. Natural fake tans use DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is just a colour additive that is taken from organic ingredients like sugar beets. Notably, these natural versions react to amino acids that are only found in dead layers of the skin.

If you’re still looking for some more natural lip gloss options, the Crop Natural and Bio Extreme lip gloss options can be a great pick. These lip glosses ensure a smooth glide application, one that is sure to finish off your look well. Some of these companies have great natural hair products and makeup brushes on offer, too.

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