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Lipstick for Women

If you’re over 40, it’s essential to pamper your lips with mature-age lipstick. Our lipsticks are specifically formulated for women 40 plus to produce a beautiful, full lip colour. Begin with a soft, waxy lip pencil and use our matte long-wearing lipstick that wears for hours and won’t bleed or feather. For shine, simply touch up with our glamorous and light lip gloss.

Lip Pencil

Our Soft Lip Pencil is the perfect first step to creating gorgeous lips. They are in three different colours that complement both our matte lipsticks shade and lip gloss shades. Our lip liners glide on effortlessly helping you to create a sharp line to keep your lipstick in place. Similar to the composition of our soft eye pencils, our lip pencil contains wax and coconut oil making it an amazing product to work with. We recommend you sharpen your lip pencil regularly with the complimentary sharpener you will receive with purchase to help create beautiful sharp lines when applying. You can also warm the tip of the pencil on the back of your hand before applying it to your lips.

Matte Lipstick

Depending on your style or the look you are wanting to achieve we have the Matte Lipstick online that will suit you. Once you have applied your lip pencil you can then match it with one of five of our beautiful matte finishes and classic coloured lipsticks. Matte lipstick can brighten your look instantly and our long-lasting lipsticks for mature skin with jojoba and coconut oils will keep your lips smooth and fresh all day.

We recommend that you line your lips with a complimenting lip pencil before applying lipstick to prevent feathering. It will also help you to achieve a sharper look. A great way to apply lipstick also is to use two colours, a darker one first and then a lighter one on top.

Lip Gloss

If you are not wanting a matte finish for your lips then we have you covered! We also have a range of lip glosses designed to add an extra layer of shine to your face without overpowering or lessening the look you have already achieved. Our lip gloss has a creamy consistency that pairs brilliantly with our Matte Lipstick or as a stand-alone product. We recommend applying it to the centre of the lower and upper lips to highlight and enhance the contours of your freshly applied lipstick otherwise use the built-in applicator to apply it to your whole lips.

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