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Eye Makeup For Mature Women
Our natural crème eye shadows are the ideal eye makeup for older women. For women over 50, crepey and hooded lids can feel like a problem. Don’t worry! Our range of eye makeup for older women has been specially formulated to suit your skin. Our eye shadows will glide easily over your lids and stay on. Combined with our soft eye pencils in beautiful shades of brown and slate, brow butter and waterproof mascara, your eyes will sparkle! Here are our recommendations on how to achieve a beautiful eye makeup look.
Brow Butter
Our Brow Butter is a simple way to groom your brows to lift and frame your eyes. It will help to give your face structure and strength. Designed to both colour and thicken your brows we suggest applying our Brow Butter with our Deluxe Angle Brow/Eye Duo Brush in short light strokes that will fill and highlight your eyebrows. Never underestimate the power of a great brow!
Eye Shadow
The next step is the eyeshadow! Applying eye shadow opens your eyes and makes them appear larger and more expressive. Our eyeshadows come in a variety of shades providing you with the ability to choose the perfect colour for your complexion and style coming in both matte and sparkle that will also suit any occasion. When applied with primer, our eyeshadows will not crease or move making them perfect for mature skin and long-lasting wear. We suggest you use our Deluxe Eyeshadow Brush to apply however you think looks best. Check out some of our blog posts on some different options you have for eye shadow application.
Eye Pencils
Our Soft Eye Pencils contain wax and coconut oil meaning that they glide on effortlessly without pulling the delicate skin around your eyes. Available in chocolate and slate, it can be applied to achieve a classically beautiful look or layered to create a more dramatic look.
No matter your use of makeup nowadays mascara is always a must. As we age, our lashes may become more sparse which is why our mascara is a rich black formula that will help restore your lashes to their original glory. Made with tiny nylon fibres that attach to the end of your lashes to lengthen them, our mascara will make your lashes look long and glamorous with just a few applications. The amount you apply will depend on the look you are trying to achieve, the longer you want them, the more you apply. We recommend you tilt your head forward when applying to avoid any fibres falling into your eyes.

Get stars in your eyes with our range of mature eye makeup and applicators

Feast your eyes on our eye products. From crème shadow and brow butter to eyeliner and mascara, Rageism Beauty has got you covered.

Don’t let crepey skin and hooded lids stop you from donning full eye makeup. Our products were especially formulated for mature skin. Our creamy shadows and pencils glide over your skin and have amazing colour pay-off.

You don’t need to stick with neutrals either – we give you a range of bold and earthy tones for every occasion. Because mature eye makeup doesn’t have to be boring. On days when you want something out of the ordinary, reach for our blues, greens, and pinks for that extra bounce in your step.

But more importantly, our eye makeup stays on. They won’t budge once they’ve been expertly applied with our brushes.

Here’s everything you’ve ever asked for in eye makeup. Luxury, natural, cruelty-free, and proudly Australian made, there’s nothing quite like it in the market today.

See the difference once you’ve tried Rageism Beauty eye makeup. Only our collection can do those gorgeous eyes justice.

There’s more to our crème Eye Shadow than meets the eye

If you’ve ever struggled to find suitable makeup for older hooded eyes, look no further – our crème shadows have a luxurious feel that few other products can match. These go on smoothly, and when paired with our primer, will not crease or smear, making them perfect for mature skin and long wear.

Available in six shades, from office-friendly champagne and matte brown to bejeweled earth tones like moss and aubergine, you’ll have a colour for every mood.

Swipe on the taupe for that board meeting, and pile on the smoky blue for that night out. These amazing shades will bring out your natural eye color and make them more expressive.

Our shadows also come in two finishes, matte and shimmer – one for an elegant look, and another, for that extra pop.

It’s time you tossed your old shadows. Rageism Beauty adds that dazzle with none of the creasing. This is a crème shadow that you don’t need to keep checking and cleaning up every half hour. Put them on and wait for the compliments. Your peepers have never looked this good.

Raise a few eyebrows with our Brow Butter

Your eyebrows frame your face, so never scrimp on your brow makeup. Luckily, we formulated a product using natural oils and shea butter to help create those lush and expressive brows that you’ve always dreamed of.

Not only does the Brow Butter thicken your brows, it also colours them. It comes in a universal shade that is flattering for all skin and hair shades. Whether you feel like going blonde, red, or brunette – this classic shade will be equal to the task.

It’s also a buildable product that offers great versatility – use a few layers for that subtle look, and go to town on our Brow Butter for dramatic and bold eyebrows. Our Deluxe Angle Brow will come in handy for pro application.

True to its name, this product goes on smoothly but stays put once it sets. Perfect for great, neatly groomed eyebrows.

Your skin deserves the luxury treatment. Start with Glow Face Oil for hydration that leaves your skin looking supple and radiant.

Pencil it in with our bold and daring eyeliners

There’s nothing elegant or luxurious about dried-out eyeliner. That’s why we created our Soft Eye Pencil for mature eyes. Formulated with nourishing coconut oil and vegetable wax, which makes this pencil go on smooth and glossy, our eyeliner doesn’t pull or tug at the delicate skin in your eye area.

Despite its creamy consistency, our Soft Eye Pencil doesn’t smudge or transfer once applied and given time to set. Built for long-lasting wear, this eyeliner stays on all day. With a product like this, you’ll step out feeling more confident and carefree.

Available in two classic shades – slate and chocolate – to bring out your stunning eye colour. Although our soft eye pencil has a natural finish, it can be layered for a smoky eye.

So go ahead. Line your eyes with our Soft Pencil and let the product do all the magic.

Have a lash at our fun and flirty Mascara

They say lashes are the best accessory, and this can’t be truer for Rage Beauties. Open up your eyes with long and gorgeous lashes with our Mascara. Made with earth wax, our Mascara gives your lashes a thick, glossy coat to draw more attention to your eyes. Apply twice for maximum length – they can’t possibly miss you with that added oomph.

Our Mascara comes in True Black, a bold shade that works well for both light and dark eye colours. Bring on the drama without the clumping. This Mascara separates and accentuates each individual lash to give you the full effect of lush, high volume lashes.

Although clump-free, our Mascara is easy to wash off after hours of wear. So don’t worry about having to sleep in your eye makeup or waking up with raccoon eyes the next day.

It’s time your lashes got the movie star treatment. Get that flirty look with a single coat or layer it on for vampy eyes. All in a matter of seconds.

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