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Rageism Beauty is here to challenge traditional beauty standards! Often mature women are overlooked by the fashion and beauty industry. However, we are here to make a stand as we see women become more elegant and graceful over time. And Rageism Beauty is not merely a new cosmetic brand – in fact, we are here to support those women who do not wish to be limited in any sphere of beauty. All our products are specifically formulated to enhance the beautiful features of a real woman.

Rageism Beauty is an exclusive luxury makeup brand that specifically caters to mature skin types.

Our brand is also unique due to its distinctive mineral ingredients. Our research team has dedicated its study to understanding the ways skin changes over the years. Consequently, our certified organic range of mineral makeup products will not only prevent further skin damage, but its natural ingredients will help rejuvenate and improve your skin. For example, some of the proven benefits of mineral makeup are that:

  • It keeps your complexion clear
  • It feels weightless on your skin
  • It will not clog your pores
  • It is a natural sun protector
  • It is naturally water-resistant
  • It is long-lasting makeup

Being acutely aware of the environmental issues that are so common today, we can guarantee that Rageism Beauty works with nature instead of formulating damaging artificial laboratory chemicals.

As we are a proudly Australian-owned company, we manufacture and package our makeup in Australia using locally sourced natural ingredients. Additionally, we do not do anything that might lead to the worsening of the environmental situation. Our products are not animal tested, the ingredients are vegan friendly and do not use any artificial colours or fragrances. Moreover, the elegant packaging of our products is fully recyclable. Plus – Rageism Beauty’s products are delivered in a reusable and washable cosmetic bag!

Of course, Rageism Beauty sets and kits extend beyond your typical makeup, as we also are well stocked with skincare products, perfumes from Glasshouse Fragrances, and nail kits from Chi Chi such as the rainbow pearls.

If you are just a beginner when it comes to makeup, then makeup kits and gift sets are the ideal way to get started on your beauty journey. A beginner makeup kit usually consists of basic makeup products that can highlight some of your naturally beautiful features or conceal unwanted spots and blemishes.

One of our most popular box starter kits is “Signature Glow Gift Pack” which is a full makeup kit. It contains a foundation, a concealer in your selected shade (which you can choose using the foundation finder guide), and a makeup brush to even out the skin tone or hide any undesirable blemishes. Additionally, this kit has eyeshadow, crème blush, and lipstick to enhance your colour. This cosmetic kit set provides the essential starter collection of products that give you the necessary means to build anything from an everyday look to an event look. You can also try another brand stocked in Rageism, like the Nude by Nature: Complexion Wonders Set that contains some essential makeup products.

And, if you are already a makeup fanatic, then purchasing one of the Rageism makeup products will round off your collection with an original organic pack for lighter days. Moreover, our makeup duo sets, gift packs, and other items are delivered either in full-sized items or travel size, which allows you to select the ideal amount of product according to your personal preferences.

Any professional makeup artist should also consider buying our deluxe makeup kits - or maybe even a full professional makeup kit. By including some of our makeup staples into your work regiment, you will ensure that your mature clientele is pleased with the light makeup and its positive impact on their skin. Rageism makeup is also easily mixable, as you can add and change the products easily with the makeup mixing palette.

It is an old cliché that the eyes are the windows to the soul - so why not enhance the beauty of your eyes? Our eyeshadow makeup palettes can draw attention to your eyes, make your eyes appear larger, or bring out your natural eye colour. On top of that, eye makeup is simply very interesting to play with! Our range of pigmented eye shadow colours is bound to go with any eye shape or colour harmoniously.

In addition, our eye kits include other equally crucial eye makeup like mascara for darkening and lengthening your lashes and eye pencils that can define the natural shape of your eye. These elements go a long way in making your eyes look prominent and sultry.

Importantly, we are now extending our range beyond our own products by stocking up other international luxury or designer brands. These include brands with a similar approach to ours - like Glo Skin Beauty and Nude by Nature - plus some other brands including:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Estée Lauder
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Jane Iredale

We also stock makeup from individual entrepreneurs like Napoleon Perdis or Casey Holmes. The wide range of eye products available on our website will definitely help you discover your perfect eye palette!

The simplest way to enhance your appearance is to add a pop of colour to your lips.

Rageism lipstick collection includes every type of lipstick you will need in your life, going from a simple lip balm to a matte lipstick to a lip gloss - the list goes on! Additionally, to help you clearly define the contour of your lips, we also stock a lip pencil range that you are guaranteed to fall in love with. Depending on how often you wear lipstick, you can find either single products or lip kits in our store.

Importantly, our lip products do not use any damaging chemicals. Instead, we use a non-comedogenic emollient which gives that soft cushiony feel and smoothness over your lips. It also has some water repellent properties that add to the longevity of your lipstick.

If you are still feeling unsure, Rageism Beauty offers makeup consultations that can work as a lipstick finder, helping you identify and choose the perfect shade of lipstick for your skin tone.

Practicing your personal skincare regularly is the ultimate way of looking good all the time. As our unique products work great with any skin type, it is always easy to choose some that will suit your skincare needs perfectly. We have ingredients like apricot oil or rosehip oil that work to brighten dark blemishes or minimise fine lines - and many more equally great ingredients suited for different skincare purposes.

However, the most important thing about great skincare is consistency. It’s all about some simple yet vital things that you need to do regularly - like always washing off your makeup at the end of the day. Our Luna Oil makeup remover spray that gently takes off your makeup has the additional benefit of rejuvenating and hydrating mature skin. Your skincare routine can consist of simply applying a night cream that you can wear during your sleep - or you can go a step further and invest in a complete skincare gift pack.

Rageism Beauty understands that beauty goes beyond makeup and extends to your personal fragrance and maybe even your chosen home fragrance. As your aroma plays such a crucial role in your beauty regime, Rageism is here to provide you with some of the most beautiful fragrances available.

We are stocking up on a variety of Glasshouse Fragrances that contain an assortment of home candles, scent diffusers, and, of course, personal scents in reusable containers. Beyond that, we are including some designer brands - such as Yves Saint Laurent Couture or Lancôme Hypnôse - in our fragrance line.

For comfortable and easy makeup application, it is best to choose a few of our essential makeup brushes. If you are only starting out on your makeup journey, we recommend that you purchase yourself a brush set so you can familiarise yourself with different types of brush tools and learn your preference.

In an essential brush kit, it would be ideal if you had a foundation brush, face brush, and eye makeup brushes. However, if you already have a couple of brush tools, you can always complete your collection by purchasing individual brush pieces.

Importantly, by applying your makeup with brushes instead of your fingers, you are preventing any bacterial transference - which in the long term will allow your skin to remain looking healthy.

Additionally, we highly recommend that you keep your brushes in a makeup bag for your own comfort. Otherwise, your brushes will likely start to get frayed or snarled. Moreover, it is practical and stylish to keep them in a bag. And - remember to look after them, too!

We’re always researching the best range of sets and kits for our rageing beauties. We’ll let everyone know when they’re launched through our newsletter. Make sure you sign up here.

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