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Makeup Brushes

Having the right makeup tools is half of the journey when applying makeup. That is why we have designed our range of tools specifically with the application of our products in mind. All of our brushes are made with the highest quality material and are cruelty-free just like our makeup products. Their sleek matte black and silver design will be a stylish addition to your tool kit.

Here are the tools you will need to expertly apply your Rageism look and how we recommend you use them.


Our Liquid Foundation Brush is made from quality triple-milled synthetic fibre meaning that they are amazingly soft. This brush is best used for the application of our All Day Foundation and Illuminating Primer.

The next brush you will need is the Angled Contouring Brush, made from the same materials as our Foundation Brush, this brush is perfect for applying your Crème Bronzer, Crème Highlighter and Crème Blush. Its slight angle of the fibres makes applying your contouring products an absolute dream.

If you are after a brush that is a little more versatile however you might consider our Kabuki Brush. It is again made from the same fibres as all our brushes however it is made with a flat top meaning that you can use it for not only all our contouring products, by pressing the fibres into a fan shape when applying, but it can also be used to apply our Highlight Powder.

You can also use our Blush Brush. It is perfectly made to suit our créme-to-powder formulation of our Créme Blush and Créme Highlighter. Use it to apply and blend your blush and highlighter around your face.

After you have contoured your face, you will then need our Deluxe Angle Brow/Eye Duo Brush and Deluxe Eyeshadow Brush. The Deluxe Angle Brow/Eye Duo Brush is another one of our versatile brushes that allows you to apply our gorgeous Brow Butter with its stiff angled bristles after combing your brows with the brush end. You can also use the angled end to help apply eye shadow.

Finally, our Deluxe Eyeshadow Brush will complete your tool kit. It has been designed specifically with crème-to-powder shadows in mind making applying our eye shadows a breeze. You can also use it to apply concealer to your eyelids before adding eye shadow.

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