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Who are the Founders of RAGEISM?

Paula Nagel and Kathrine Baulderstone are women over 40 who felt isolated by the mainstream cosmetics industry.

They were constantly being forced to choose from products aimed at teens or 20 and 30-something customers.

But when it came to makeup to meet the specific needs of mature women, there was a void.

So they set about creating makeup to shake up the status quo and developed a range of products specifically with women over the age of 40 in mind.

They aim to meet the needs of women who, like them:

  • Are no shrinking violets
  • Don’t do things by halves
  • Age with attitude
  • Refuse to stand aside and be ignored
  • Live their best life

This shared passion led to the creation of RAGEISM Beauty a cruelty-free makeup brand made specifically for these amazing women who have been overlooked by the mainstream beauty industry. The products have been specifically designed to enhance a woman’s natural beauty while also downplaying the signs of ageing. Each product has been expertly crafted to suit any desired ‘look’ you might be trying to achieve, whether that be a casual every day one or a bolder look for a glamorous night out. All of the RAGEISM products have been made with Australian minerals. Read more about how these amazing makeup bag must-haves are made here.

Paula and Katherine have also created a gorgeous set of matte black tools to help apply their products. No matter your expertise level, these tools will help you to apply each product beautifully to your face. 

Paula was one of the first women on ABC television and, for many years, has mentored women in the workplace.

Kathrine is a Chartered Accountant and mother of four. 




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