Our Story

Who are the Founders of RAGEISM?

Paula Nagel and Kathrine Baulderstone are women of a certain age who felt isolated by the mainstream cosmetics industry.

They were constantly being forced to choose from products aimed at teens or 20-and-30 something customers.

But when it came to make-up to meet the specific needs of mature women, there was a void.

So they set about creating make-up to shake up the status quo.

They aim to meet the needs of women who, like them:

  • Are no shrinking violets
  • Don’t do things by half
  • Age with attitude
  • Refuse to stand aside and be ignored
  • Live their best life

Paula was one of the first women on ABC television and, for many years, has mentored women in the workplace.

Kathrine is a Chartered Accountant and mother of 4.