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The Mineral Makeup Shake Up

Rageism Beauty mineral makeup is more than a cosmetics brand. It’s designed for women who refuse to fit the stereotype of middle-age. It’s for women who won’t be ignored or patronised and want to look and feel beautiful at every age. 

RAGEISM Beauty is makeup for women who love the skin they’re in. They want to look their best and are willing to try bold new cosmetics to achieve it. Our products are formulated from Australian minerals to show off your inner and outer beauty.

Why minerals?

It’s simple – because minerals are beautiful, natural, luxurious and sympathetic to your skin. Each of our mineral makeup products has been designed to make you look and feel your best by using the best ingredients available. Rageism Beauty makeup uses nature, not artificial laboratory chemicals.

Our research team has studied the way skin changes as we age and has created a full range of products that make your skin look and feel healthier:


Our mineral makeup

  • Contains natural nutrients that can help improve your skin condition
  • Allows your skin to breathe
  • Will not clog your pores
  • Offers natural sun protection
  • Is naturally water-resistant
  • Ensures long-lasting coverage

No matter which product you choose, you can rest assured knowing that they have been packed full of natural and restorative ingredients that have been designed to rejuvenate your skin.

Even from the very start of your makeup routine, Rageism Beauty has you covered with our Glow Face Oil. Right away your face will be treated to a delightful mix of ingredients including jojoba oil which helps to reduce redness, coconut oil which aids in hydration, Vitamin E which aids in skin restoration and healing as well as many other wonderful components. Check out the full list of ingredients here.

This kind of attention to the needs of mature women and the kinds of products, oils, and minerals that will best suit their needs is evident through the entire Rageism Beauty collection. Check out the entire collection here and join us as we rage against ageism.


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