July 14 2023

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Menopause and Make Up – The Myths, Realities and (Hot) Tips Revealed

From the hot flushes, red facial blotches to the sweaty glaze and the skin sagging, it is little wonder there is an ounce of desire or motivation left to keep up or start a new makeup regime for women going through the menopausal maze. While it may feel like an uphill battle with menopause, physically...

July 06 2023

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Upgrade Your Foundation Game: Try Our New Shade Match Feature!

Too scared to change foundation? Don’t know which colour to choose, how it will look on or where to start? We’re here to help! With Rageism Beauty’s innovative online shade match feature, discovering your ideal match is easier than ever before. Get ready to embrace a flawless complexion that perfectly complements your unique beauty. On...

June 09 2023

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Embracing Winter: Skincare and Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

As the cool breeze of winter settles in, it brings along a new set of challenges for our skin. Winter is a season that demands special attention to our skincare and makeup routines, especially for women over 40. At Rageism Beauty, we understand the unique needs of mature skin and are dedicated to helping women...

May 12 2023

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Find Your Perfect Match: Introducing Our Range of Inclusive Foundation Colours and Concealers

Beauty knows no boundaries, and neither do we!⁠ ⁠ We’re on a mission to break down the barriers of ageism and promote inclusivity. With years of dedication to perfecting our formulas, we have established ourselves as leaders in foundation for mature women, earning recognition through numerous prestigious awards. And now, we’re thrilled to offer a...

September 23 2021

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Beauty From Within – 3 Tips For Ageing Beautifully

Written by Sophie Lyall
With each passing birthday, we tend to notice the physical signs of ageing that surface as a result of our biological age. So we assume our beauty is on the decline, but this is far from true. We need a reminder that ageing beautifully is possible! It’s an inside job that involves a holistic approach...

August 27 2021


Spring Cleaning Your Makeup

Written by Sophie Lyall
We all know that makeup expires but many of us are guilty of using makeup that is past its expiration date. The question is do we need to throw out our favourite makeup when it reaches the expiration date? The answer is not as black and white as it may seem. There are a few...

June 08 2021

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The #1 Anti-Ageing Step You Might Be Missing..

Written by Sophie Lyall
In our quest to recapture the youth we once knew, we spend thousands of dollars a year on expensive creams and skin treatments, all the while failing to be conscious about the one simple thing that truly impacts how our skin ages. When asked to describe how their skin has changed in their 40’s, many...

April 21 2021

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5 Pro Tips For Glowing In Your Mature Makeup

Written by Sophie Lyall
If there’s one thing that’s stood the test of time, it’s that true beauty is incomplete without grace and substance. We can all think of our favourite mature-age beauty icons such as Helen Mirren or Jane Fonda, but what do they have in common? Beautiful skin and a makeup look that enhances their best features,...

January 29 2021

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Foundation Makeup – Surviving the Sweat

Written by Sophie Lyall
As we head into our 40’s and beyond, the dreaded perimenopause or menopause sets in and hot flashes become a reality – some of us experience hot skin and flushing without sweating, while others sweat so much they need a change of clothes!  Not only that, the body becomes less tolerant of heat as we...

January 10 2021

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New Year, New Habits!

Written by Sophie Lyall
The promise of a new year, a fresh start and time to journey towards establishing new, life-long habits. According to leading experts, it can take up to 66 days to form a new habit. Change takes dedication to the cause, energy and time. In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control...

December 14 2020

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Twelve Days Of Holiday Peace

Written by Sophie Lyall
The festive season is glorious, but let’s face it, Christmas can also be fraught with anxiety, with emotions skyrocketing as we manage the holiday juggle. Between meal planning for the big day, gift shopping, and navigating sometimes hectic family dynamics, the pressure – which always seems to fall on the family matriarch – can overwhelm...

November 05 2020

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Hair In Our 40s & Beyond

Written by Sophie Lyall
  We get taught the “facts of life” as kids, warning us of the perils of things like puberty and we have education on where we came from but no-one really tells you about the reality of ageing. We here at Rageism cherish every day we’re blessed to grow older and love talking about the...
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