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Find Your Perfect Match: Introducing Our Range of Inclusive Foundation Colours and Concealers

Beauty knows no boundaries, and neither do we!⁠ ⁠

We’re on a mission to break down the barriers of ageism and promote inclusivity. With years of dedication to perfecting our formulas, we have established ourselves as leaders in foundation for mature women, earning recognition through numerous prestigious awards. And now, we’re thrilled to offer a full spectrum of shades, ensuring that every woman can find her perfect match.⁠ ⁠

Join us in celebrating the beauty of diversity and inclusivity. Shop our new range of shades online NOW!

What shade of concealer should I wear with my foundation?

You have found your perfect foundation shade, so how do you choose the ideal concealer? The general rule of thumb is to select a lighter shade than your foundation because the lighter shade will cover dark discolouration, like under-eye circles. We suggest choosing a shade or two lighter than your foundation. If your concealer is too pale, you risk a pasty or ghostly look, and it won’t blend naturally. Under the eyes, your concealer should look bright and reflect light outwards, and for blemishes, it should blend seamlessly and evenly. We recommend blending your foundation into under the eye area and always applying your concealer after your foundation.

Find my shade

We have made it as easy! Our shades adapt to your skin tone and blend seamlessly, and the gorgeous hydrating quality of our award-winning concealer feels lightweight and won’t cake and crack.

All Day Foundation
  • 00,01, and 02 work best with light/20 concealer
  • 03 and 04 work best with medium/22 concealer
  • 05 and 06 work best with medium/24 concealer
  • 07 and 08 work best with dark/26 concealer
Loose Mineral Powder Foundation
  • 00,01, 02 and 03 work best with light/20 concealer
  • 04 and 05 work best with medium/22 concealer
  • 06 works best with medium/24 concealer
  • 07 works best with dark/26 concealer

If you’re still unsure about your perfect shade, no problem! Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or 1300 724 323, or book a free makeup consultation with our founder, Kathrine!

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