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Beauty From Within – 3 Tips For Ageing Beautifully

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With each passing birthday, we tend to notice the physical signs of ageing that surface as a result of our biological age. So we assume our beauty is on the decline, but this is far from true. We need a reminder that ageing beautifully is possible! It’s an inside job that involves a holistic approach because the external always reveals the internal state.

 To cultivate beauty from within, start with these 3 areas:

Boost Your Skin from the Inside

Your gut microbiome directly impacts your skin health, which is why a health issue usually follows with a skin concern or vice versa. The gut-brain axis also affects your mood and how energetic you feel.

To nourish your gut and your skin simultaneously, choose immune-boosting supplements as well as nourishing foods that will strengthen your fatty acid profile for plump, hydrated and toned skin. Reducing processed foods, gluten, dairy, meat and alcohol will also improve the quality of your digestion, resulting in clearer and brighter skin. This is why so many of our favourite public figures make diet and supplementation a huge priority.

Collagen-based supplements, silica, zinc, spirulina, and antioxidant-focused tonics containing Kakadu Plum, Resveratrol, Turmeric, and Vitamin A and C boosters are all examples of ingredients to focus on, for enhanced beauty from within.

Switch to Green Beauty & Mineral Makeup 

1Switch to green beauty products instead of commercial or pharmacy ones, since green beauty brands tend to prioritise organic, natural, and clean ingredients, and botanicals.

Look for Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Niacinamide, Peptides, Amino Acids, Ceramides, as well as Plant and Seed Oils in your ingredients list. Always opt for gentler alternatives where possible, such as Bakuchiol which is more tolerable than Retinol, but has the same anti-ageing properties. Whilst your skincare regime should be personalised, these are examples of powerhouse beauty ingredients.

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Another crucial element is switching your base makeup products to a high-quality Mineral Makeup range. Mineral Makeup contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which are natural forms of SPF to protect the skin from harsh UV rays that contribute to ageing. It is also non-comedogenic, ensuring your skin can breathe and function normally.

The Rageism Mineral Makeup range contains the highest quality minerals along with high levels of antioxidants like Green Tea, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn and Kiwi Seed to protect your skin and increase luminosity.

Create Daily Inner Glow Routines

Whilst a morning and evening routine should be carefully personalised according to your unique needs, personality and lifestyle, creating self-care rituals is an integral part of holistic beauty. Grounding techniques, exercise, mindfulness, gratitude, meditation, and prayer are all ways to cultivate a beautiful state of being. Over time, this kind of deeper beauty with substance will inevitably reflect in your outward appearance. Decreasing stress and screen time will not only show up in the quality of your skin, but it will also enable you to feel more balanced, creating a state where you’re ready to give and make a positive impact (another aspect of beauty from within).

In conclusion, your skin and physical appearance is usually a reflection of your internal state. It is a privilege to age, one that some never experience. Looking and feeling beautiful regardless of your age, is very much attainable with a well-rounded approach. And remember, at any age, you are forever beautiful.  


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