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A Celebration of Style

Rageism Beauty celebrates all women – but especially mature women with a strong sense of personal style. You know the type – those bold, beautiful women who age has either enhanced or who believe the number of years they’ve walked the earth is utterly irrelevant

We’ve designed our make-up range, Rageism with these women in mind.

We applaud women like the late, great Audrey Hepburn who while always fashionable and never looked like anyone but herself.

American actress and model, Carmen Dell’Orefice is another woman after our own heart. She began modelling at 15 and still appears on catwalks around the world today, well into her 80’s. Her motto? ‘Enjoy yourself at no one else’s expense’ It couldn’t be more contemporary. Her big eyes and classic features lend themselves to strong colour. If you look for her online, you’ll see she’s always worn bold colours and strong make-up. We’d love to see her rocking our Moss green eye shadow shade.

We salute the personal style of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who took modern punk and new age fashion mainstream. She always presents an interesting, often arresting and sometimes, outright confronting image. She’s a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin and clearly rages against age and ageism. We think Dame Vivenne looks terrific with bright crimson lips.

We also applaud the style of Helen Mirren, who refused to join the discussion about the age-appropriate swimwear when she was photographed in Italy wearing a red bikini at 62. The image sparked a London newspaper article speculating the Mirren image left 40-something men in a bit of a dilemma. Could women over 60 still be considered sexy? Their conclusion and our resounding amen is yes and yes.

One of the founders of Rageism Beauty, Paula Nagel, is a paragon of style – always impeccably dressed (often in Armani but mixed with a high street blouse, shoes or bag) and groomed to within an inch of her life. Oh and significantly, she always wears make-up – not because she needs it but because it is part of her powerful and personal sense of style. Even now at her age, which is north of 65, she’s a great beauty with a look so distinctive that people around the world think she must be an actress or model whose name they’ve forgotten.

At Rageism Beauty, we urge you to celebrate your own sense of style, to listen to the voice inside your head that says yes, you too are beautiful..After all, real style is timeless.

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