Rageism Quotes 77

Style & Beauty Tips To Embrace With Age

Rageism Quotes 77


There are plenty of positive aspects to ageing they just don’t seem to be celebrated nearly as much as the cons. So step aside cons, this is not the place for negativity, please join us while we rejoice in the beauty of maturing!

Now is the time to embrace life and be true to yourself. Go on that hike you talked about; invest back into yourself by learning a skill that has nothing to do with your career, dye your hair the outrageous colour you’ve admired on others, or simply find your voice. Here are a few of our favourite points that make another lap around the sun seem like a galactic spa holiday.


You can feel comfortable enough to create somewhat of a style uniform. Sure, trends are fun to dip your toes into if it takes your fancy but by now, you know you. Really hone your style and rotate your favourites silhouettes in varying colours. You’re not bound by the fear of the youth of being pictured in the same thing twice, you encourage it. For it’s your style that you developed with the intimate knowledge of what works best for you. No-one wears it like you.


Buying less often but investing in quality becomes a lot easier as we age – see above for the catalyst! We may not necessarily have more money but we know what we like, we pay for it and don’t get swayed by trends. Once you’ve formulated your lifelong fashion must-haves then you want something that goes the distance. Truthfully, simply spending more doesn’t always equate to quality however spending way less often does result in shortlived items. Check your formulations, fabric labels, re-purchase from trusted brands and follow care instructions- and that includes self-care, girls.


Going grey can happen at any age however most of us have well and truly stopped counting silver strands by now. Once the silver tones have fully come through, you’re actually opening up your options to more colours than were perhaps previously achievable. If you love those sorbet pinks or silky lilacs then most women require severe bleaching to reach those pretty, soft hues. But grey beauties? No bleaching required! In fact, many women will add temporary tones like peach to their silver strands and chop and change with their mood all while causing very little damage. Switching up playful tones as your heart desires? Now that’s a definite positive to ageing.


Attitude is everything and sometimes when we’re young it’s masked by bravado. It’s when we add attitude with maturity that you become a formidable force. Knowing when to listen and simultaneously believing in your right to be heard is a powerful combination that has a fabulous new label “soft power”. Own it, use it, breathe it every breath.


Gasp! Menopause in a positive article? Yep. Many women have happy experiences during this tumultuous time but like all things in life, this too shall pass. There is the obvious advantage of not dealing with the inconvenience or painful symptoms of monthly periods but what women do best in times of struggle is to communicate. We lean on one another and we laugh. The amount of humour that is born out of the trials of menopause is a comedy-genre of its own. Our favourite quote: “It’s nobody’s fault but someone will have to pay!”. Once the ups and downs have passed the freedoms are enjoyed which are often coupled with a new exuberance for life that outstrips male partners or younger friends. Remember to face towards the positives and here’s a tip, write down those funny moments.

Think about it, it’s never been a better time to be part of the mature demographic. We are amidst a grey revolution, some of Instagram’s biggest influencers are 50+, Helen Mirren is not only a sex symbol but a respected activist and as a consumer, we have quality products made specifically for us ; ). We at Rageism don’t need to constantly advocate for positive ageing because we live it. Cosmetics is just another tool in our arsenal that celebrates the beauty of life and all it comes with.

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