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Common Makeup Mistakes To Avoid Over 40

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It’s easy for a makeup routine to turn into a rut. We become so used to doing things one way we don’t have time to stop and assess the changes to our skin or the subtle shifts in face shape. But it really is worth reassessing now and then because as our appearance changes so should our makeup. Whilst we are all different and therefore there are varying makeup applications, there are some common makeup mistakes that are actually ageing you! These are the big 5 you want to avoid.

Scant Brows

Overplucked, high-arched eyebrows are a harsh way to frame a face. Whereas full, gently arched brows instantly soften your look and have a youthfulness to them. You don’t want to be going down the path of Instagram-brows that are extremely heavy and wide but make the best use of what you’ve got. Always apply a brow product that is a touch lighter than your natural hair so you can build the colour and softly dust in the gaps like a shadowing effect.

Bad Base

Excessive foundation that is either too dry or too moist and thin will both drastically age you. This is where you must have the delicate balance of a makeup that gives the desired coverage but isn’t so heavy is sinks into lines and creates that dreaded cracked effect. Too light and the foundation will shine and highlight wrinkles. We won’t pretend that our foundation doesn’t strike the balance perfectly here! Our All Day Foundation was no mistake, it has been rigorously tested and equally adored by our customers.  PSA: You can’t get the above right and forget to use a primer. The right foundation needs the best…. Foundations! And that is our illuminating primer.

You Skipped Blush

As we age, skin turnover reduces, oil glands are less productive and we lose moisture meaning we generally lose that natural youthful glow. Those of us that once may not have bothered with cheek products should really begin experimenting with blushes to inject that glow. Even the slightest touch of colour with an illuminated finish will have a huge impact on the effervescence of your appearance. We think we have absolutely nailed the formula for the perfect kiss of cheek colour with our crazy-popular creme blush.

Lip Liner Misfire

If you suffer from lipstick bleed than you likely already know the importance of a lip liner to seal the outer lips. However, a liner that is significantly darker than your lip colour will instantly date your look.  Try to match your lipstick/lips or only go a touch darker if you want to create depth. Everything about mature natural makeup is the less-is-more approach.

Heavy Eyes

The area prone to makeup gone wrong is the under eyeliner. Starting a dark, thick line from the inner corners of your eyes will only have an ageing, drooping effect. Yes, we want definition but opt for subtler tones, start lightly form a third of the way in and increase pressure towards the outer. This will create a subtle cat-eye and you can build your eyeshadow from this gentle start – there is a reason we call this our soft eye pencil!  Sidenote: you do want to plump up those lashes though! This doesn’t have to spell thick and chunky lashes, just that you should use a curler if your lashes aren’t curling up enough and volumise as much as possible. It’s like motivational speaking or power dressing for lashes, you will instantly look more positive with a healthy dose of mascara.

And in addition to these tips, we of course wish to remind you that whatever your age, you are forever beautiful.

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