5 Makeup Tips To Help You Look Slimmer



While we don’t place a great amount of emphasis on size and shape at our age, it is possible to look a little slimmer thanks to some simple makeup techniques. Want to hear more?

We don’t mean extreme face sculpting but more gentle, well-placed shading. It’s not difficult or scary. First, choose your favourite bronzer and lightly dust around the frame of your face – the jaw, cheeks, and even the hairline. Then one soft swoop up either cheekbone and a dusting down the centre of the nose. That. Is. It! This technique will never look over the top and is guaranteed to work its trimming magic.

Light Catcher
Play with the power of light and add a little glow to the apples of your cheeks. Apply a gentle creamy highlighter (avoid any product that uses the word “strobe” *cringe* as that is a wrinkle enhancer) from the apples and direct upwards to your temples. The tactic gives dimension to what could have been a flat finish and amplifies the chiseled look.

When applying your base work from the inside out and follow your natural lines. Although you’re still aiming for even coverage, to achieve subtle shadowing consider applying that initial foundation in a tone one shade darker than your usual foundation and you will get a barely-there but beautifully sculpted finish.

OK, I know it seems like we talk about the different effect eyebrows can have on your look a lot, but that’s because eyebrows can really impact your face so much! If your brows are extremely arched or very short it makes your face seem wider. If they’re sparse then your face looks bigger. Full, gently arched, and finishing a little further out then for outer eye corners? Slimming!

Lastly, this tip is not makeup related but it’s got Hollywood backing, we’re calling this the ‘Salma Hayek Manoeuvre’. Yes, the beautiful Latino actress says she uses her hair to give her face a lift. Pull a section of hair from just above each ear and tie back firmly. If your hair isn’t very long you can use pins or combs and leave the back out. This trims your face instantly and even better, sorts some wrinkles while doing its slimming job. Thanks, Salma!

You don’t have to use all of these tips in one, as always, find the right level for you and continue to experiment with makeup. Please remember that no matter your age, experience, height or weight – you are forever beautiful.

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