Makeup for Over 40

Rageism are a make-up brand designed to disrupt the status-quo. Developed specifically with mature aged women in mind, our products work beautifully on mature skin. We implore all confident, self-assured women to join our rally cry, raging against today’s obsession with age and strike a pose for true beauty.

Over 40. Over 50. Over 60. Whatever. We’re over it!

Join the rage against ageism.

All of our products have been lovingly formulated to provide mature women with products that work well with their skin from the base all the way through to your final lick of mascara.

Our Base products provide you with a light yet full coverage start to build from that you can then enhance with our cheekseye and lip products. Whether you’re trying achieve a classic everyday look or a bold look for a special occasion, our products are all you need to create it effortlessly.

In a range of shades and colours, our products are made to suit any complexion and style. No matter how much you wear make-up, our gorgeous products will become your fast favourites leaving no need for any others.

We also have a range of specially designed make-up tools that aid in the application of your make-up. Their sleek black design are super stylish and make your putting on your make-up a dream. We recommend their use through every step of your routine.

Shop our amazing range here, or if you are buying for a loved on you might consider a gift voucher instead so that they can choose something that is best suited to them.

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