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Ultra-lightweight, zinc-based pressed powder is excellent for keeping your skin looking flawless and shine-free. It’s virtually invisible and, depending on how you apply it, can provide the perfect matte coverage or a hint of sheer coverage, ensuring that your makeup is set without seeping into fine lines or becoming stiff and cakey. Our pressed powder formula includes jojoba, vitamin E, macadamia, and amino acids combined with soft-focus technology that blurs the appearance of blemishes and fine lines. This powder compact also includes a sponge that can be used for some touch-ups. Our powder is very gentle on the skin – but you should always check out the complete list of ingredients and consult a dermatologist before buying if you have any skin concerns or very sensitive skin.

Pressing powder can be used over your foundation or to set other makeup into place. However, it’s usually best not to use a tinted powder over foundation, as this may result in a cakey look. To apply your pressed powder over powder foundation, it’s best to use a full, large powder brush to distribute it evenly over your face. Doing so in a light sweeping motion will ensure that you achieve an even finish. Once you have swept the product into place, gently bluff it with the brush to hold it in place.

If you need to apply a mattifying or setting powder, you should be applying it a bit more sparingly or heavily depending on how oily a particular area of your skin is. On oily areas, you should be dabbing your powder with a small brush or sponge to help it cover the area properly. Over less oily areas, you should lightly brush or dab over with your small brush or sponge. If your skin is dry, combination or normal, then you should lightly sweep or dab your pressing powder all over your skin without excessively pressing the powder in.

Keep in mind that, if you do have some excessively oily skin areas, it’s best to use tissue or blotting paper to remove this oil from your skin before applying your pressed powder. If you don’t, your pressed powder may end up sitting unevenly. For light distribution, dabbing the powder onto oily areas and lightly dabbing or sweeping over other areas is the way to go!

Powder foundation may also be a good option for you if you have oily skin - otherwise, liquid foundations are generally better for other skin types. There is also a difference between pressed and loose powder foundations, as loose powder foundations are specifically tailored to oily skin. This is because they are more finely milled and contain fewer oils, helping to control any oil your face may develop over the day.

Now that you’ve heard about all these powders you may feel a bit overwhelmed – but don’t stress! You shouldn’t be using all these in one go, as your use of them will depend on your skin type, the type of foundation you’re using, and how much makeup you have on. If you have quite a lot of makeup on, you’ll probably want to be using a setting powder or setting spray as it is more likely to smudge than just a tad bit of makeup.

Searching for quality products can be a hassle, as there are so many reviews to sort through and heaps of ingredients to look up. We help you out by providing a one-stop shop with a range of eye makeup, makeup removers, and many other makeup options that can also make great makeup gifts for any makeup lovers out there! We also have egift cards and other gift cards available. Our natural makeup is specially crafted for mature skin - and is all Australian made. But if we don’t have any options you’re looking for, we’ve also looked at products by Bobbi Brown, Mac, Laura Mercier, Estée Lauder, and Nude By Nature to see which ones we could recommend.

Bobbi Brown is considered to be very trustworthy, providing all-round makeup with the perfect formulation. While Bobbi Brown is not certified cruelty-free, their phthalate-free and paraben formulas perform quite well. (If you’re looking for cruelty-free makeup brands, brands such as Alima Pure and Alpyn Beauty have been confirmed to be so.) Bobbi Brown has great products such as Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder or Bobbi Brown Matte Foundations.

Mac cosmetics seem to be very successful in providing makeup that meets their customers’ needs and expectations and offers makeup options to suit a wide range of ages and races. It has a good Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural option and other mineral powder options available. Laura Mercier or Nude By Nature also has some great makeup options, and Estée Lauder has some good makeup options for mature skin, such as mattifying powders, bronze glowing powders, and even contouring palettes. Just keep in mind that some of the products contain chemicals like Phenoxyethanol that are bad for your skin, so it’s best to try and avoid products containing these if you can.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for skincare products such as body wash, body scrubs, body lotions, lip care items or hand creams to make your skin look fresh - or for various makeup products like glow powder, sculpting powder, or setting powder. The ingredients in your products can make the difference between healthy and unhealthy skin.

It’s always best to read the product label for all your products, even those that don’t go directly on your skin like hair styling, dry shampoo, hair masks, or hair colour spray. This is especially important if you have coloured hair.

Grapeseed oil is one natural ingredient that you should be looking out for in your beauty products. This is because grapeseed oil, like coconut oil, has heaps of antioxidants and a large amount of linoleic acid. Unlike coconut oil though, it doesn’t clog pores and is great for sensitive skin. You can use your hairbrushes to brush grapeseed oil into your hair or to moisturise your skin.

Rose water is another ingredient that can be quite effective for both your health and beauty. It can also be used to treat irritated skin or acne, as it cools and soothes skin. Additionally, it can be used to moisturise dry skin or cleanse oily skin. It has anti-aging properties that allow it to rejuvenate, tone, and soften mature skin.

If you enjoy a thorough skincare routine, using hyaluronic acid may be an option for you. It’s a gooey and clear substance that your body naturally produces. It helps hydrate the outer skin layers and can give it a more radiant look. CC creams are also great for moisturising your skin and can act as sunscreen.

You may think you know all the makeup there is to know, but do you? There may be some types of makeup that you haven’t even heard of before but can enhance your makeup looks. Perfecting powder is a mineral powder that can be used to absorb any excess oil and to provide a similar finish as mattifier powder or have a translucent finishing touch to it. Elizabeth Arden or Yves Saint Laurent may have similar items on offer.

Other great powder options you should look into include sheer finish pressed powder, which is used to set liquid concealer and foundation and provides a sheer finish. Makeup artists tend to be big fans of these powders and similar products like smoothing powder. As the name suggests, smoothing powder is used to smooth the appearance of your foundation and other makeup. Powder products such as Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish can be great additions to your makeup collection. Also, Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powders and Estée Lauder Double wear Stay-in-Place powders can prove pretty handy and have multiple uses.

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