Exercise and Makeup

  A busy life can lead to hasty decision-making. If you’re doing your best to squeeze in a bit of Pilates in your lunch break it’s understandable that we try to cut corners while ticking things off an often unachievable to-do list. But if you’re considering not properly washing your makeup off before exercise then … Read more

Menopause & Makeup

  Peri-menopause and menopause are an inevitable part of growing older for women. They affect us both physically and mentally in different ways, and no one woman’s experience is the same as another. Symptoms include: Irregular or absence of periods Problems sleeping Weight gain Hot flushes Anxiety Changes in mood Skin dryness Of course, there … Read more

She’s Got Grace Part II

Bec O’ Hearn from shares with us Part II of “She’s Got Grace” , how a couple of super stylish mature women wear what they want , how they want and look amazing doing it. These two beauties really shake up the status quo of the older woman!   Sarah Jane Adams This insta-famous … Read more

How To – Contour and Highlight

    We have all seen the images of women highlighting and contouring their faces with a war paint vibe (I’m talking about you, Kardashians!) and as well as being super time consuming, sometimes it looks downright scary! At Rageism Beauty we don’t want you to feel like applying makeup is a chore – we … Read more

She’s Got Grace

No matter your style direction it can’t hurt to occasionally look for inspiration from other like-minded women and today, we look to the stars. We’ve picked 4 famous and fabulously fashionable ladies who all have very different styles and found matches to get their looks. If you’re a classic, edgy, boho or sharply-dressed, we have … Read more