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Loose Powder Foundation – The New Age Of Social Distancing

Rageism Quotes 22

The world has changed around us in a breathtakingly short amount of time, and we are all looking for simple and effective ways to keep looking and feeling good while we are social distancing and staying at home.

Powder foundation is perfect for the no-makeup, makeup look that looks fresh and light and is easy and quick to apply. It takes 2 minutes for excellent coverage and a beautifully smooth, natural finish and won’t dry or clog your skin.  To apply, just buff a small amount of foundation in a circular motion over the face and neck. The minerals won’t sit in your lines and wrinkles because they are triple-milled, and you have the fabulous bonus of both SPF 15 and your makeup being water-resistant. You can home-school the kids, attend a Zoom meeting, and exercise all without touching your makeup!

At Rageism Beauty, we think our customers deserve to have access to premium products that are made especially for them. With this in mind, we recently released a powder foundation range.  With 8 fabulous shades and created from the most beautiful triple-milled minerals, they are an essential addition to your makeup kit.  We love you to have options with your foundation, and we have curated our powder foundation so that it works not only as an alternative but also in addition to your liquid foundation.

Why are powder foundations the number one selling makeup product in Australia?  Because they are easy to use and great for your skin.  Our powder foundation is made of the finest Australian minerals and does not contain cheap and nasty fillers like talc. Talc leaves a chalky residue on the skin and a dry powdery look. Our pure mineral foundation gives the skin a luminous glow. It contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are milled incredibly finely and give the skin brightness, help soak up the oils and shine, and absorb both UVA and UVB rays, preventing premature aging. These amazing minerals also have a smooth and sheer texture which makes them feel weightless and are water-resistant and long-lasting. They also contain disinfecting properties (which are very handy right now!) and are incredibly gentle on inflamed or sensitive skin. Your skin is protected from the free radicals in the environment because your foundation acts as a barrier, but it can still breathe.

Although of course, you can use the powder or the liquid foundation on their own, we love combining our liquid All Day Foundation together with our Loose Mineral Powder Foundation. Apply your Illuminating Primer, then a sheer base of All Day Foundation, with extra coverage in the areas you need. Finally, using our Buffer Brush, dust the face, focusing on the T-Zone, and behind your ears and neck with powder foundation.

Your coverage will look radiant, glowing, and healthy and feel natural, weightless, and beautiful.

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