5 Top Makeup Tips for Older Women


Most women aren’t taught to change the makeup techniques they learned as young women with ones that are better suited for their current age. The beauty industry doesn’t talk about applying makeup to a face that isn’t naturally smooth, flawless and wrinkle-free. Big beauty companies continue to market “anti-aging”, “wrinkle -reducing” products to the over 40’s but ignore the tips that we can all use to make the most of our makeup. At Rageism, we are all about breaking up the status quo, so here are some easy tips for making the most of your makeup so you always look your best.

1. Hydrate your skin before you apply your makeup – it may seem obvious, but your makeup will only be as good as the skin underneath it. Using a rich and nutritious oil like our Glow Oil before you apply your primer will plump and hydrate your skin so that it has the best possible base. Let it soak in before you start your makeup routine.

2. Define your brows – great brows define and frame your face. Many of us have lost our brows due to age and overplucking. Using our gentle Brow Butter and the Brow/Eye duo Brush fill in the sparse spots on your brows. Concentrate on the tail of the brow as that is where most of our brows are the thinnest. Don’t be too heavy-handed as the most flattering look is the most natural one! Using the spoolie, brush your brows upwards to blend the butter and lift your eyebrows.

3. Apply your blush on the upper part of your cheekbones forget the apples of your cheeks. As you mature, gravity works against you, so sweep the blush to your upper cheekbones and blend. Use a crème blush, it won’t sit on the top of fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Use a coloured moisturising lipstick very matte and drying lipsticks can make your lips look pinched, which can be aging. Lipsticks with moisturisers like jojoba and shea butter will keep your lips hydrated and a pretty shade will flatter your complexion and make you feel confident and gorgeous!

5. Change up your eyeshadow game swap to a crème eyeshadow. Many women give up on eyeshadow as their eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be. Crème shadows are super easy to use and blend and are very forgiving with hooded eyes and wrinkles. Use a light shade like Champagne or Taupe on the lid and below the arch of the brow. This lifts the whole eye. If you are wanting a more dramatic look then also apply a medium to dark tone – Aubergine or Matte Brown, in the crease, high enough so that the colour can be seen above ‘hooded’ eye areas. Beautiful!

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