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Travel Essentials

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STOP! Get out of the cab, go back inside and repack. These are the things you really can’t leave home without. We’ll assume you have your toothbrush…

Hair Rescue

Klorane travel size shampoo 7.99
Klorane Travel Shampoo $7.99

Show me a woman who travels without dry shampoo and I will show you some bad hair holiday snaps. The unpredictable travel routine leaves little time for washing and drying your hair. Get more mileage from each wash by spritzing a little dry shampoo in your roots on day 2 or 3 post-wash. Dry Shampoo is also great as a volumizer even when your hair is clean. It gives flat hair a bit of a boost and increases manageability. Suffice to say, it’s vital.


SEPHORA COLLECTION Universal Pocket Atomizer 15
Sephora Universal Pocket Atomiser $15

Makes Good Scents

Don’t risk your beautiful perfume smashing through your suit case or taking up precious packing space. Transfer your favourite fragrance into a refillable atomiser. Confession: we do this at home too as it means you can slip it into your favourite little clutch.



The Great All-rounder

Rageism Beauty Glow Face Oil $70

When luggage real estate is tight you have to opt for products that give you the most bang for your buck. Don’t waste precious space in your cosmetics bag with single-use products, pick multi-functional favourites that can wear many hats. Rageism’s very own Glow Face Oil is the multi-tasker master. Not only is it an exquisite face oil that gives your dial that holiday glow without even leaving home but it can be used anywhere on the body. Constant changes of climate can wreak havoc on skin and a small dose of the godly oil can sort trouble spots quick smart. It’s a beautifully gentle way to remove eye makeup and the smell is divine. So, when hubby inevitably doesn’t pack a single cosmetic but has his eyes on yours, you know he will love it too. If you allow him to, that is…  

Witchery silk scarf 59 removebg preview 1
Witchery scarf $59.95

All Important Extras

Packing a lightweight, crushable scarf is an absolute must. Not only does it bring life to your limited wardrobe (be sure to choose a tone that goes with most of the clothes you’re taking) but you’re guaranteed to find endless uses for it.  Reach for a scarf when the temp suddenly changes during travel, as a little extra sun protection, over your shoulders to pay your respects in different cultures or tied around your head (ala Grace Kelly) when the wind picks up or your hair is just too neglected from being on the go. Make sure it’s a patterned scarf because it will look less grimy from life on the road.

The New Neighbourhood Watch

Ring WiFi Enabled Video Doorbell 99.99
Ring WiFi Enabled Video Doorbell $99.95

 Ring WiFi Enabled Video Doorbell $99.99

Ok so you don’t technically take this one with you but it’s stored as an app on your phone. It’s a WiFi-enabled camera placed at your front door that films anyone at your home and (via an app) you can see them on your smart phone. You can be anywhere in the world and see who comes knocking… or snooping. Set a designated zone for a sensor and any time there is movement within that zone you can check to see who is there and even talk to them via the two-way audio system. It’s incredible peace of mind particularly if you’re going on a long trip. The future has officially arrived!

Easy Clean

Face Halo pro pack 30
Face Halo Pro Pack $30

You may initially scoff at this product (guilty here!) but you will be converted soon enough. These round, firm cloth-like pads will remove a face full of makeup with just water. Don’t ask us how but they strip off heavy foundation and eye make up better than anything we’ve ever tried. They’re awesome for travel because you get a 3 pack (they’re double-sided) so no need for cotton pads, you can easily hand or machine was and it’s super easy after a long day. In case you’re wondering, yes, they’re much more effective at removing makeup than a good ol’ face cloth we promise.


Chasing the Sun

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 104
Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 $106

You may already be using a moisturiser with a SPF but when you’re travelling and spending most of your time outdoors a SPF50+ is imperative. You could always add a sunscreen on top of your regular cream or really streamline your products and pack a daily moisturiser that already has SPF50. Some are very gluggy but we found the Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery is godsend even for the most sensitive of skin.,en_AU,pd.html?cgid=spf&start=0


Practical Pouch

Is this the sexiest thing in the world? No. Is it the handiest? Probably! You may be a lover of the hard case styles and they do look great but these pouches are more conducive to those with limited packing space as they squish down. And the simple fact that you can open it up wide and lay your products out flat is life changing. Well, travel-life changing. No more digging for bits and bobs and you can just draw the string closed, throw the lot in your suitcase and run for that flight.

OneGenug drawstring makeup bag 7.48
OneGenug Drawstring Makeup Bag $7.48

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