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Hooded Eyes Kit

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What is a hooded eye? When a fold of skin hangs over the eyelid's crease, it makes the upper eyelid look smaller. You have hooded eyes if you can't see the crease when you have your eyes open. Genetics, ethnicity and age all have a role in whether you have hooded eyes. Hooded eyes are one of the reasons many mature women stop using eye makeup altogether. They feel that their eyes are no longer attractive or that the right eye makeup isn't available or too tricky to apply. Thankfully, this is not the case. Instead, the right products and a few technique tweaks will bring back the life and sparkle to your eyes. Our hooded eye kit gives you the tools to enjoy eye makeup and look great. Here's a quick rundown on how best to use the kit with our co-founder, Kathrine.


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Your go to makeup kit for hooded Eyes

This kit want just help with hooded eyes, you can use the concealer to give you a beautiful finish and blur any lines, the brow butter can be used for both brows and eye-shadow.


White eyeliner on the lower waterline opens the eye. You can also apply it on the upper waterline (known as tightlining). It will amplify your lashes and widen the appearance of your eyes. Immediately you will look more awake and bright.

Taupe eyeshadow will neutralise any darkness on the lids and create an even base. A dark shadow will make your eyes look sunken and smaller, and powders can create fall. This is messy and will also darken any areas it lands on. Champagne eyeshadow should be used on the outer third of the eyelid to elongate the eye and in the inner corners to create lightness.

Mascara is a must, although always allow it to dry as the transfer is often an issue with hooded eyes. Curling your lashes will open your eyes up.

Brows will frame your face, and when it comes to hooded eyes, eyebrow shape matters. Brow Butter will ensure that the brow’s tail is not too long (which makes the eyes look downturned) and the brows are filled in and look healthy and shapely.

Deep, dark circles under the eyes will give the appearance of tiredness and that your eyes are smaller and deep-set. The lightening properties of Correcting Concealer will cover dark circles and project light outwards to create the illusion that your eyes are open and awake. Vitamin E in the concealer also hydrates and nourishes.

  • Why Our product?

    Mature beauties with hooded eyes often give up on eye makeup because they can’t find the right products. We have created the Hooded Eyes Kit to give them the tools to love using eye makeup again.

  • What it does?

    The Hooded Eyes Kit contains a curated selection of Rageism Beauty’s gorgeous eye products that work together to give mature beauties with hooded eyes the tools to enjoy their eye makeup again. The shades are flattering, the products easy to use and work together to create beautiful eye makeup.

  • The results?

    With the Hooded Eyes Kit you will have the tools to create lovely everyday eye looks that are easy, quick and look fabulous.

Natural methods to help hooded eyelids

Without surgery or injections, you can’t fix hooded eyelids but there are a number of non invasive methods that you can use to help alleviate them.

Hydration – hooded eyelids are worsened by lack of hydration. Drink plenty of water and reduce your intake of salty foods, alcohol and caffeine.

Fatigue and stress – get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly. Try to practice mindfulness.

Place cucumbers or potatoes on your eyelids –  cucumbers contain potassium and  vitamin C, and potatoes enzymes and astringents that help fight inflammation and reduce puffiness.

Chamomile tea bags – they contain anti-inflammatory agents. Be sure to place them in the fridge for at least 20 minutes before popping them on your eyes.

Eat grapes – grapes contain a high amount of resveratrol which may slow down the cellular aging process which are great for the health of your eyelids.


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