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Exercise and Makeup

Rageism Quotes 3


A busy life can lead to hasty decision-making. If you’re doing your best to squeeze in a bit of Pilates in your lunch break it’s understandable that we try to cut corners while ticking things off an often unachievable to-do list. But if you’re considering not properly washing your makeup off before exercise then stop and think again. You may feel pretty in makeup but there ain’t nothing pretty about what happens to your skin if you leave it on!

If you’re working up the mildest of sweats your skin needs to breathe. Your pores are opening up and saying sayonara to toxins! This endorphin-inducing feeling is fab for the body and can have real benefits for your skin too unless of course, you’ve left buildup on your face. This can be anything from your own oils, environmental pollutants or makeup that clogs pores.

What is the typical result of clogged pores? Breakouts. While your body is working hard to cleanse, a heavy layer of makeup puts a lid on this process and effectively traps the very thing you’re trying to expel. Argh. Don’t have issues with spots? Clogged pores are still a concern as the trapped product may induce inflamed, irritable skin which leads to things like poor texture and uneven complexion. There is even a heightened turnover of skin cells while sweating, you must clear their path.

Let’s not forget that you’re turning the heat up on your dermis – we sometimes not-so-lovingly refer to this as dreaded “beetroot face”. Even if you don’t go very red, the temperature is rising, blood is circulating, heart rate skyrockets and you’re totally in the zone, girl! Your sweat glands are doing their thing to ensure you don’t overheat but you’ve left a mixture of formulations on your skin that prevents their vital work.

But what about mineral makeup we here you ask? If you’re going to have anything on your skin then of course natural is better. However, it’s still best to wash before working out as any kind of build-up, even your own naturally-occurring oils, can cause clogging.

Take the time to do a pre-cleanse and your skin will appreciate getting physical as much as your body. Use natural makeup wipes if you’re really stretched for time or pack a Face Halo in your gym bag. It’s equally important to cleanse post-workout to remove the expelled toxins – even a simple rinse with water will assist in greatly reducing sweat residue and remember to use a clean towel.

If you’re heading back to the office or out to lunch we love our Loose Powder Mineral Foundation post-workout. As always, start with our Illuminating Primer then a light dusting of Loose Powder Mineral Foundation – it’s the perfect exercise follow up as its sweat-resistant and combats shine.

In saying all that, we don’t want to discourage exercise at all. It’s proven that exercise can actually aid in the appearance of more youthful skin along with many well-known benefits. So it’s best to include those steps to wipe excess makeup off and reapply if you have time later. Perhaps try and get limber while removing your makeup pre-exercise to incorporate your warm-up? After all, we are women, multitasking is our jam. And after you’ve done all this and the five million other things you’ve committed to, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back. If you managed to squeeze in a small workout you’ve ticked a big one off that list.

Rageism Beauty wants women to feel beautiful inside and out so enjoy your exercise!

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