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Looking A Little Tired? Awaken Your Skin With These Tips

Rageism Quotes 37

There is a myriad of reasons why we may appear tired and lack of sleep is just one of them. Stress, diet, and general health can play a role in how fatigued you look, even if you’re managing over 8 hours of snooze time.

If you’re doing your best to eat and sleep well but still feeling drained, then try our easy tips to turn your skin into a morning-person for 24 hours around the clock.

When it comes to skincare you’re generally playing the long game. However, there are products out there that provide instant results that make you appear fresher almost immediately. The creme de la creme of ingredients to give your skin a boost is Vitamin C. Generally, products with Vit C on the ingredients list have promises like “brightening” serums or pastes. Alpha H has many products that have reached cult status amongst the beauty set but for us, their Vitamin C Paste with L Ascorbic Acid is incredibly effective. From the first application, you will see a noticeable improvement in your complexion making you feel fresh and glowy. Remember, as with all active ingredients, ease into them if you’re just starting out.

It’s easy to think that piling on the makeup is the best solution but excess coverage will feel too heavy. The keyword here is ‘luminosity’ because the opposite of that is dull and nobody wants that. You want dewy, happy-looking skin. You can’t go past our Illuminating Primer for every makeup application but you really can’t miss this step if you’re feeling drab and dull. It will also assist in the application of your foundation and avoid it sitting in those dehydrated areas.

Dehydration can cause fatigue and fatigue can cause your skin to be dehydrated. They’re so intrinsically linked that you can never afford to forget the importance of hydration. Drinking plenty of water is a given but if you’ve had a particularly busy and exhausting week it can be hard to stay on top of everything that you know you should be doing. Especially in winter, try to keep a hyaluronic acid in your regular skin routine for hydration and don’t skip the benefits of a truly delicious nourishing oil like our best-selling Glow Face Oil. It cares for your skin long term but is also a speedy injection of kind-to-skin rich, natural oils for an instant pick-me-up and a healthy dose of hydration.

When you’re lacking in energy the colour may drain from your face. As with foundation, you don’t want to go injecting bold, heavy colours into a dull face, the contrast will only hyper-focus those tired areas. You want subtle flurries of tone and that magic word again ‘luminosity’. Thankfully, this one is easily achieved with our Creme Blush – apply to the apple of your cheeks for a gentle flush that provides an invigorated healthy glow.

It can be tempting to go to town on your dark undereye circles but keep in mind that the pillars of all of your products should be hydrating. Steer clear of thick, drying concealers that only highlight fine lines and reach for highly pigmented but easy to apply formulations. Our smoothing Correcting Concealer also works wonders on those blotches that often become inflamed when you’re rundown and upholds the driving principles of your illuminating beauty routine.

You can fake a full night’s sleep, hydration, and a balanced diet if you need to with these beauty tips and tricks. Ultimately though, we hope you’re feeling rested, and healthy despite all the challenges 2020 is throwing our way! xx

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