What Does Makeup Mean To You?



Makeup: It’s been referred to as “war paint”, we often say we will “put our face on” and countless women have proclaimed they won’t leave the house without a particular makeup application. For most of us, it’s not a frivolous purchase because it plays a role in our psyche. So we asked, what does makeup mean to you? Here are your heartwarming and humorous responses.

“Late one Thursday evening I raced to beat the closure of the shops and dashed into my local pharmacy as I was out of foundation. I’d been having really irritable skin as I was 6 months pregnant and experiencing breakouts and hypersensitivity. I couldn’t find the particular foundation I was after and when the staff member informed me that it had been discontinued I literally burst into tears! Right there in the cosmetics aisle, holding my big belly, sobbing like a child. The poor young girl serving me didn’t know what to do. Looking back I guess you could say that pregnancy hormones were seriously surging at the time!” – Jennifer

“My late mother was in the hospital for a long time. This was a woman who was always so well kept. Even as a young child I knew that my mother put effort into her presentation, despite us having very little, it was important to her. When I would visit her in the hospital all she wanted was for me to bring my makeup bag and hair product. I couldn’t count the hours I would sit with her, helping with a bit of powder or brushing her hair. They are some of my most cherished memories, in the quiet of the moment, just being with one another” – Carol

“I once missed a flight for makeup! I was attempting to only pack a carry on bag for my interstate trip. I whisked through security and smugly decided to touch up my makeup with all the extra time I saved not checking in luggage. I couldn’t find my makeup bag – the horror! I decided to treat myself to all new product and as a girl who enjoys her beauty, I really got in the zone. 30 minutes later and my flight was in the sky without me on board. I take a great deal more care when packing nowadays and will check-in if need be! – Brodie

“There is some sort of power in lipstick for me. I will wear it every day, even at home, and I won’t even pick up the phone without it. I am in sales and it’s true what they say about smiling while talking on the phone, it helps with how you sound. Well, personally I am sure a crimson red lippy injects a little extra confidence to close a sale.” – Peta

“After a messy divorce, I found myself very lost. It was an identity crisis of sorts. I went and did a makeup course, the cost of which I could redeem for products and had a close friend who works in fashion give me a bit of a style shakeup. It may seem superficial but it was the first step in the road to rediscovering myself. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my old self, I had no idea who she was. I had so much more confidence and it affected every aspect of my life in a positive way. I went back to studying, finished my accounting degree and I absolutely believe those humble beginnings helped shape my restart to life” – Renee

Whether it has been present in major life moments or you can laugh at the way we prioritise makeup, it’s fair to say that the product most of us use daily is a significant support factor.

As they say, live your best life, ladies and if that includes a little assist from a great mascara then that’s your prerogative.



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