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Your Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Rageing Beauty

Step 1: Start with a fresh and clean face. Apply Glow Face Oil (or your own moisturiser) and allow it to soak in.

Step 2: Apply a pea-sized squeeze of Illuminating Primer all over your face using your fingertips. This will ensure your foundation is smooth and will last.

Step 3: Apply All Day Foundation using a Foundation Brush, don’t paint the foundation on, use a dabbing motion. Blend it into the neck.

Step 4: Use Correcting Concealer in a triangle shape under the eyes and to cover any other blemishes, then apply as a primer on the top of your eyelids. Our concealer has excellent coverage so you will only need the smallest touch.


Step 5: With the angled blush brush, sweep the Crème Blush on the apples of your checks up to your temples.

Step 6: Contour your face using the contour angle brush and Crème Bronzer by applying the colour under the cheekbone up to the side of the temples, gently across the chin, the forehead and lightly on the ears, finish with a sweep down from the jaws to the neck.

Step 7: Apply your highlighter with your fingertips across your brow bone and the top of your cheekbones in the shape of a “C”. You can also put some in the corner of your eyes if they are dark, down the bridge of the nose and on your cupid’s bow.

Step 8: Fill in your brows with a pencil or brow butter and brush with a spoolie. This gives your face dimension and definition.

Step 9: Brush your face and neck with Highlighter Powder and add a lick of mascara to your lashes.

Step 10: Add some gloss to your lips, and you are ready to take the day on!

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