How to apply liquid foundation with a brush

Using our Liquid Foundation Brush is an efficient and great way to apply your liquid foundation. This versatile brush also pairs well with the All Day Foundation and Illuminating Primer we offer too. Our foundation brushes are skilfully made with triple-milled synthetic fibre, giving them the essential softness and quality it requires for precise application. As a bonus, they are also cruelty-free!

If you regularly use makeup brushes, then it’d be a good idea to grab a brush cleaner. Brush cleaning kits are frequently available online alongside brush cleaning solutions. You can also do this whole process at home if you have your cleaning solution of choice available. To start, ensure the brush bristles are thoroughly wet with lukewarm water. After, drop a little bit of your cleaning solution into your palms. Now, massage the bristle tips together until they are thoroughly covered by the cleaning solution. Finally, rinse the bristles until you can’t feel or see any leftover solution. You can also squeeze out any additional moisture with a towel.

While we did mention that our Liquid Foundation Brush pairs well with our All Day Foundation, you can also use it with tinted moisturiser if you wish to. Overall, though, it’s usually best to use your fingers when you’re using tinted moisturiser as it’s nearly exactly the same as your everyday moisturiser. To apply liquid foundation with your brush, you can start by putting some onto the back of your hand and then dabbing the brush into the liquid. Most makeup lovers prefer to start from the centre of the face and then work outwards. Your brush strokes should be fluttery and short, working both upwards and outwards. It may take you a bit to perfect this technique but try not to worry about it too much! If you’re a beginner or new to using foundation brushes, then just do your best and work on spreading the foundation evenly. At the end of the day, it all comes down to some good old trial and error to get the application method right.

Tips on how to apply liquid foundation with your fingers in a circular motion and by using sponges

While you can apply liquid foundation using a foundation brush, there’s also the option to apply makeup with beauty blenders and blending sponges or even your fingers. To apply your foundation with your makeup sponge, the first step is to fully immerse it in water. After it has soaked up the water, thoroughly wring it out to ensure all the water has been removed. Wetting your sponge is an important step as it ensures it won’t soak up all of your foundation before it has the chance to make it onto your face. Now, evenly dot your foundation all over your face. Instead of swiping your sponge to distribute the foundation, you should be dabbing and bouncing your sponge over it. Using a dabbing motion is the best way to create the even texture you’ll want. Now, that’s it – it’s as easy as that!

To apply liquid foundation with your hands, ensure that your hands are clean first. Then, your first step will be squirting a few drops of liquid foundation onto the back of your hand. You can then dot it around your nose, forehead, and cheeks to evenly distribute it. Now, you should rub your hands together and then begin blending your foundation, starting from the centre and moving outwards as you would have done while using a sponge. Ensure to pat and rub the foundation into your face, using the tip of your finger to apply it. When you’re happy with the result, wash your hands and ensure they’re dry. Press your hands onto your face and lightly roll them to blot any excess makeup off. This will help to create a more finished look and to get rid of that icky cakey look. That’s it! You can also apply finishing powder at the end if you wish.

How to apply your foundation (if it’s powder foundation!)

If you plan on applying powder foundation instead of liquid foundation, then you may need to take a few different steps. You’ll also need to use different brushes since you’re working with something entirely different here. Powder makeup brushes are different from liquid foundation brushes, their main defining characteristics include light and fluffy bristles that are noticeably less dense than liquid foundation brushes. Conveniently enough, powder brushes can also be used to apply pressed powder or loose powder products, including setting powder, finishing powder, and powder highlighter. How big your powder brush is will depend on how you want to apply the product. As you’d expect, a fluffier and bigger brush is best for applying product onto your forehead while a small brush with denser bristles would be better to be used as a concealer brush.

If you’re confused as to what liquid foundation brushes look like, they are usually rounded or tapered brushes. They are generally larger than most other makeup brushes and come with flexible bristles. Their tapered edges make sure that this brush works to effectively blend both cream foundations and liquid foundations. It’s always best to use a proper liquid foundation brush as this greatly helps to create a finish that is streak-free.

It’s important to keep in mind that you should always prep your skin before applying foundation or any other products. This will ensure your skin stays as healthy as it can and avoids any future breakouts. You can use a cleanser and toner to prep your skin, alongside primer. Once you’re ready to apply your powder foundation, begin by swirling your fluffier powder brush into your powder foundation. Then, gently tap the handle to shake off any excess you won’t need. If you’re going for a natural look, begin by buffing the powder in your forehead, neck, nose, jaw, and cheekbones area. You should be doing so in circular motions. After blending it out a little, you’re done! If you’re going for fuller coverage, you should be doing the opposite. Start blending outwards across your cheeks, slowly reaching your jawline and hairline.

Different types of foundation: a brief but important overview

You can find foundation in quite a few different forms, the main ones being liquid foundation, powder foundation, and cream foundation. While we’ve already included a lot on liquid foundation, we’ve included a little overview on the other two to help you with your makeup journey. Cream foundation is generally a good choice for mature or dry skin. It provides anywhere from medium to heavy coverage and works to help the skin appear smooth and soft. To apply your cream foundation, you can use either your fingertips, a sponge, or a makeup brush. To apply it using a makeup brush, ensure it’s a tapered brush – this would be one you’d use for liquid foundation. You should be applying it using the ‘outward’ technique, also the same you’d use for liquid foundation. As an extra tip, try to warm up your cream foundation by rubbing the bottle between your palms. This will help it to go on more smoothly.

As for powder foundation, this foundation is usually best for acne-prone, sensitive, combination, normal, and oily skin. There are a few foundation application tips you should keep in mind to ensure that powder foundation goes on well. When you apply the foundation, you should always be using the tip of the brush. This will help you avoid any heavy caking and make the difference between bland makeup or celebrity makeup quality. We recommend that you always take the extra time to check that you’re using the correct foundation brush for the job – you don’t want to get it confused with a blush brush or stippling brush. There are many featured articles available online that will show photos of each individual brush, which you can use to ensure you’ve got the right brush.

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