Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women and dedicating a day to women who don’t usually take the day to stop and celebrate themselves. 

Rageism Beauty held a photoshoot a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to spend my day with some amazing women to understand from them what international women’s day means to them.


Senior Change Management Consultant & Business Owner

“I’m a big believer that everyday should be international women’s day, though with our busy schedules and everything we are juggling as modern women I find myself not having enough time to relax and celebrate my strengths as a women…. so my day will be spent doing just that, reflecting & relaxing.” 



“Often women can be overlooked and having a day to just celebrate us is so empowering and important. I hope every woman on this day, as they should every day, takes a moment to stand in her power and understand the beauty she brings into this world.”



“International Women’s Day to me is about celebrating progress and how far women have come and I’m incredibly excited to see how far we will go in the future.”

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