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Why Mineral Make Up?

No matter what your skin type, our mineral make-up will work for you. It is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and will help your skin look and feel healthier. It provides the coverage that you need without caking. Australian made and owned, the quality of Rageism Beauty’s products is second to none. We are the best makeup for mature women.

We have worked extensively with chemists and researchers to create a range of mineral make-up specifically designed for mature skin. We have examined how skin changes as we age, and created products that address these changes: not only helping to disguise any imperfections, but also helping to minimise and correct them in the long term. Our products are healthy for your skin and the only mineral makeup range on the market formulated for the older face.

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Benefits of Mineral Makeup:

  • Provide your skin with natural sun protection
  • Contain naturally occurring nutrients that can help improve the condition of the skin
  • Will not clog your pores
  • Allow your skin to breathe
  • Have naturally light-reflecting properties
  • Provide long-lasting coverage
  • Are naturally water resistant
  • Contain no harmful toxins or perfumes
  • Have effective ingredients to help heal, soothe and protect the skin
  • Are kind to sensitive or allergy prone skin
  • Can be used after treatments such as peels, IPL and microdembrasion

Why Rageism Beauty?

Minerals not only form the basis of all our cosmetics, Rageism Beauty’s pigments are also derived from minerals and are therefore naturally occurring, not created in a laboratory.

We are proudly Australian made and owned. We also proudly celebrate the beauty, relevance and earned inner confidence of older women. We are committed to helping you to look and feel your best and are giving women like you, who are often ignored in a world obsessed with youth and beauty, a product that has been specifically researched, tested and made especially for mature skin.

We are all about raging against this obsession with age and want to empower women to live your best life. We know you are a smart and savvy consumer and we understand that you know what you like. And what makes us experts? We understand because we ARE just like you! That’s right, Rageism Beauty is co-founded and run by women just like you.


Our products:

  • Are made in Australia
  • Are packaged and printed in Australia
  • Are not tested on animals (ever!)
  • Are vegan friendly
  • Contain no parabens
  • Contain no talc
  • Contain no bismuth oxychloride
  • Contain no lead
  • Contain no mineral oils
  • Contain no alcohol
  • Contain no chemical dyes
  • Use no artificial colours or fragrances
  • Do not contain synthetic binders or preservatives

We use Australian raw materials and every step of the production process is kept in Australia, wherever possible.

Remember that we welcome your questions and feedback, so be sure to contact us at customercare@rageismbeauty.com

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