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Twelve Days Of Holiday Peace

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The festive season is glorious, but let’s face it, Christmas can also be fraught with anxiety, with emotions skyrocketing as we manage the holiday juggle. Between meal planning for the big day, gift shopping, and navigating sometimes hectic family dynamics, the pressure – which always seems to fall on the family matriarch – can overwhelm and overshadow the important gift of now.

At Rageism, we would like to share with you our top 12 days of Holiday Peace.

Day 1 – Celebrate beauty

Embrace the festive juggle and humor all the chaos and curve-balls that come your way. There is beauty in every aspect of life from the magic sights and scents of a natural Christmas tree to the celebration of new life in the family. Marvel at the sheer beauty all around you.

Day 2 – Heavenly peace

Try not to succumb to the perfectionism and performance that comes with this season. Life is not about being Instagram-worthy but instead about being mindful and present. Take time out to practice meditation, enjoy a cup of tea or arrange a fresh bunch of flowers in your home. Aşık Etme Duası

Day 3 – Embrace calm

We are living in a time when being busy is a badge of honor and immediacy is de-riguer. Let’s remember to be patient with ourselves and with each other, learning to embrace your day at a slower pace. After all, it’s not about the end destination but the journey along the way.

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Day 4 – Love is all around

This is the season to walk in love in a glorious way  – cherish loved ones and the community around us, remember and celebrate lost loved ones and extend a hand to those lacking in love. Your love may be the greatest gift to someone.



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Day 5 – Let it glow

Feeling good about ourselves, with external confidence and internal assurance is important. Dedicate yourself to healthy lifestyle options over Christmas. Eat, drink and be merry – but in moderation. Look for clean, non-toxic beauty solutions to harness your festive glow!


Day 6 – Rest & replenish

Don’t forget that self care is the new going out – you can’t give to others with an empty tank. Take opportunities to rest, whether you can fit in a quick power nap during the day or tightening up your sleeping habits. Treat yourself to a manicure and body massage.

Day 7 – The season to be jolly

The festive season is the ultimate challenge in time management. Don’t be afraid to say no and save your time and sanity in the process. Be intentional with your time and energy, reserving a margin of error for spontaneity.  Preparedness grants us a sense of order and calm.

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Day 8 – The gift of giving

Consider how you can be a blessing to others, and be generous with time, acts of service or gifts. Simple actions like buying a friend coffee, baking biscuits for your neighbour or volunteering, is enough to get those feel-good feelings going. It’s a win-win way of living.

Day 9 – Repay in kind

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. It doesn’t cost anything.


Day 10 –  Give thanks

Take the time to reflect on everything you have to be grateful for, it will make you joyful. Choose an attitude of gratitude, and keep it in a journal.

BWNatashaDay 11 – Wear a smile

A simple smile is the best beauty asset, a common global language and comes with the power to create both internal and external happiness. A smile is your most important accessory, wear it every day and find reasons to smile and laugh!

Day 12 – Think positive

No matter what our circumstances, being positive with a ‘glass half full’ approach is essential every day. As you think, so you become – a powerful reminder of the ability of our minds to drive our every day and keep us strong.

Sending best wishes for a wonderful festive season,

Love the Rageism team xx

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