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Hair In Our 40s & Beyond


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We get taught the “facts of life” as kids, warning us of the perils of things like puberty and we have education on where we came from but no-one really tells you about the reality of ageing. We here at Rageism cherish every day we’re blessed to grow older and love talking about the interesting and adventurous changes that comes with our maturity. The dominating force behind those changes? Hormones. They control pretty much everything; skin, mood, weight and yes, that thinning patch of hair on your scalp. So let’s look at ways to deal with this very normal process so we can all get on loving later life.


While nothing out there has been proven to halt this process there are a lot of products to help slow it down. NIOXIN is the most raved about brand and their overnight treatment rates highly in reviews for retaining hair density and strengthening follicles. It won’t happen overnight but it will gradually get there by assisting in hair retention.


Thinning hair can appear flat and lifeless, further exposing bald patches so volume-enhancing products can be a girl’s best friend. Try out root dusts, volumising powders and round brushes that allow airflow. If you like to use hairspray look for volumising formulations that will lightly brush out rather than leave a stiff finish. And for a more subtle, everyday product then simply buy a dry shampoo that is appropriate to your hair colour and type. A little zhoosh at the roots, even when your hair is clean, works wonders for a root lift.


There are some well-known slicing skills that can support the appearance of fully locks. Always speak to your hairdresser as different hair types will require different styles, but layers create voluminous, bouncy hair however a blunt cut on the right hairstyle will give the illusion of thick healthy locks. If you’re keen on a fringe then ensure the hair is pulled from further back in the hairline to create the appearance of heftier bangs.


We all know that what we eat can affect our skin and body but again, that relates to your hair too. Look for foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, B-complex vitamins and iron which are generally found in a traditional Mediterranean diet- plenty of fish, veg, and lean meats *licks lips*. Conversely avoid highly processed carbs, ok, unless it’s cheat day.


Take it easy on the tight updo’s, it will only cause trauma and increase hair loss. Avoid putting a brush anywhere near your hair while it’s wet, instead, dry to about 80% before you start brushing to avoid breakage and never use a hairdryer on the hottest setting. Pamper your scalp with massages to get the blood circulating to the roots for healthy, happy locks and luxe it up a little with our super-nutritious, multi-purpose Glow Oil if the mood takes you.

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