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New Year, New Habits!


The promise of a new year, a fresh start and time to journey towards establishing new, life-long habits. According to leading experts, it can take up to 66 days to form a new habit. Change takes dedication to the cause, energy and time.

In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.

Tony Robbins

Every day is a gift, a new opportunity……. we have put together some habit suggestions for 2021:

Health Checks

Establish a health journal to keep on top of those vital health check-in points from a yearly mammogram through to regular mole checks. The daily pressures of life can mean that these essential checks are often neglected. Map out what is required for you and your family and schedule appointments to close all the health-care gaps. Regular health screening is vital for disease management and achieving the best possible health outcomes.

katherine hanlon cZWyXV0yYEE unsplash scaledBody Movement

Move, move, move. Motion creates momentum, the more you move the better you will feel. Whether you prefer a daily walk or regular pilates classes, exercise and fitness is vital for a host of reasons – improvement of memory and brain function, disease prevention, weight management, sleep quality and anxiety management, just to name a few. You can’t feel your best without exercise.

Mind Control

Our mind is all-powerful….. choose your thoughts wisely as they direct your life and create the outcomes you desire. What you give your thoughts and attention too, grows. Mental strength, training, and development is a vast area worthy of discovering further to understand how to optimise your thinking.

rumman amin DJiVXLOb0uk unsplash

Develop a Cultural Interest or Hobby 

Make a commitment to expanding your cultural horizons and growing in the knowledge of an area that interests you. Whether it is music, theatre, cuisine, fine arts, or learning a new language or hobby, there are so many areas in which your life can be enriched and grow. Celebrate the simple pleasures in life and make time for them.

Spring Clean your Beauty

Do you feel like your beauty routine needs a refresh, your makeup is ageing or you have been using the same skincare for far too long? Take the time to update and tweak your beauty arsenal to reflect the best version of yourself and make all the difference to you feeling 10 years younger.  There are plenty of professional beauty experts to discover for knowledge and guidance.

Time Management

The one common denominator we all have is our time…. it’s how we choose to use it that defines our outcomes in life. Every day is a gift and worthy of savouring and enjoying. Hone your time management skills and create a schedule that works for you, of course always allowing for a margin of error to enjoy spontaneity.

Nurture your Love Language

Pursue love with complete abandon. After all, isn’t love what life is all about? You always gain by giving love.

Do you have anything new you want to try in 2021? Remember – you’re never too old! Share your thoughts in the comments section below. xx

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