How To – Contour and Highlight



We have all seen the images of women highlighting and contouring their faces with a war paint vibe (I’m talking about you, Kardashians!) and as well as being super time consuming, sometimes it looks downright scary!

At Rageism Beauty we don’t want you to feel like applying makeup is a chore – we want you to look and feel like yourself.

To get that subtle contoured look, we have created a beautiful crème bronzer and delicious opal pearl highlighter for highlighting and contouring that works for real women. Our delicious crème formulations leave your skin feeling hydrated and dewy as well as giving you a gorgeous, fresh look. Our crème products are formulated to melt into the skin, not sit in fine lines as powders do.

So, how to?

Prep your skin as usual – your usual moisturiser and/ or our Glow Face Oil, Illuminating Primer, Foundation and Concealer and then you are ready to start.


  • Using a brush, apply Crème Bronze to cheekbones, along the jawline, the sides of the nose, and forehead. See image 2 for where to apply.

  • Apply lightly and layer for more coverage. This is where crème bronzers are so easy to use! If you feel like you have overdone it, you can simply blend the bronzer with your fingers or a brush until you are happy with the coverage.

  • When you apply bronzer, think about where your face is touched by the sun to achieve the perfect sun-kissed look.


  • Our Crème Highlighter allows for targeted application to achieve the genuine glow that we all love.

  • Think about where the light will hit your face and apply the highlighter on those areas. Using your fingers, start on the point of the cheekbone and blend up towards the hairline, then apply on the bridge of the nose and your chin. You can also apply under the brow bone if you aren’t wearing eyeshadow makeup.

  • The natural light catches the highlights and works with the shade of your bronzer to create dimension and the contrast of light and shade.

  • Apply your blush (see our blog on how-to Crème Blush) and finish with our beautiful mineral Highlighter Powder to set your look.



Contouring and highlighting is a snap and adds dimension and definition for mature faces. Why not give it a go and bring out the beautiful definition in your face
Contour & Highlighter Kit


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