What is Rageism

RAGEISM is make-up to shake up the status quo. Makeup developed for mature women who want something uniquely designed for them. Paula Nagel and Katherine Baulderstone grew tired of the lack of representation and makeup products designed for women over the age of 40 available to them but instead of complaining about it,they acted instead and RAGEISM Beauty was born. Paula and Kathrine created the only luxury makeup brand in Australia designed for mature skin. Read more about their stories and what led them to create RAGEISM here.  

Paula and Katherine are now calling on other women to join them. RAGEISM is a rally cry for confident, self-assured women to take up their makeup and strike a pose for true beauty.

Joining the RAGEISM movement means you do not have to compromise on quality or your ethics. All of our products are cruelty-free have been made and packaged with the best locally sourced ingredients and materials. You can add any RAGEISM product to your daily routine knowing that your skin is well taken care of no matter which product you are using. Read more about our commitment to the environment and locally sourced ingredients and materials here and learn even more about how each of these ingredients will help your skin in our Glossary of Ingredients

So come one you Rageing Beauties, is is time to rage against today’s age obsession – to take a stand and join the movement that is RAGEISM.

Over 40. Over 50. Over 60. Whatever. We’re over it!
Join the rage against ageism.