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Cheek makeup for mature women

Our beautiful crème bronzer, blush for mature women and highlighter are designed to work together to give mature skin a healthy glow. Applying them is simple and they are formulated especially to give warmth and contouring to older faces. Here are our recommendations on how to best apply these gorgeous colours to your face.

Crème Blush

Our Crème Blush for mature women is recommended to apply with either our Deluxe Blush Brush or with your fingertips to the apples of your cheeks then sweep outwards towards the beneath the outer eye area, blending it gently as you go.

Crème Highlighter

Even the slightest touch of our highlighter will help define your face and add an immediate radiance to your skin. It catches the sunlight giving you a youthful glow. Dot the highlighter along the top of your browbone using either our Angled Contouring Brush or your fingertips blending as you go. Then add some to the very top of your cheekbone starting at the end of the face blending inwards.
If you want even more definition you can also use the Crème Highlighter down the centre of the nose, your cupid’s bow above the centre of your lips and below the browbone. By doing this you will help to lift your face, highlighting features that will leave you with a gorgeous radiance.

Crème Bronzer

Lastly, our Crème Bronzer further defines and adds colour to your face. Remembering to start at the edge of the face working shading towards the centre, we recommend applying the bronzer with our Angled Contouring Brush. Starting at the top of the ear under the cheekbones apply a light brush of bronzer working down towards the lips. Then lightly brush the chin, across the forehead along the hairline and lightly on the ears finishing with a sweep downwards from the jaw to your neck.