What Are The Different Types of Foundation & Which One Should Be Part Of Your Makeup Regime For Mature Skin?

What is Foundation?

Foundation is a crucial product in every makeup kit, but what actually is it? There are many different types of foundations, and it can be very confusing to know which type will be the best one for your mature skin. It seems that every day a new kind of foundation is developed. There are liquid foundations, powder foundations, crème foundations, stick foundations, cc creams, and bb creams. There is also every kind of foundation for every skin type, including oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, skin with acne, mature skin – the list goes on. We are bombarded with advertising telling us what we need and what foundation to buy.  It makes buying the correct type of foundation very confusing.

First, let’s define what a foundation is. Foundation is a form of makeup for the face. It is a product used to create a uniform and even skin tone and to cover flaws and imperfections on the face and neck. However, it may also be applied to the decolletage and body. It is the base upon which you build the rest of your makeup look. As we age, many of us find we need to change our foundation shade as our hair colour changes, and our foundation type, as our skin texture changes. We are often more careful about using clean and healthy ingredients and looking for foundation that has natural ingredients and is good for our skin.


What are the Different Types of Makeup Foundations Available?

There are thousands of different types of foundations with varying formulas of foundation. The most common ones are liquid foundation, powder foundation (loose mineral or compact), crème foundation, stick foundation, CC cream, BB cream and tinted moisturiser foundations.

Let’s break down these types of foundations and what they will do.

Liquid foundation – this type of foundation is thought to be the best makeup foundation available. It provides the best coverage and can be used by all skin types, including oily skin. It can be applied with fingers, your best foundation brush or a makeup sponge, and if you choose the right one, will offer a natural finish. Liquid foundation comes in a vast array of foundation shades for all skin tones and can be sheer, light, medium or full coverage. Liquid foundation is known for its skin-like finish and buildable coverage for all makeup looks. You can choose a light coverage that is skin coloured or a medium to full coverage, which may be a matte finish.

Powder foundationthere are two types of powder foundation, the pressed powder foundation and the loose mineral powder foundation. Both foundation types are suitable for oily skin but less appropriate for dry skin. Many are waterproof because they are not water-based foundations. However, there is a concern that powder foundations may look cakey because powder tends to sit in fine lines. Usually, this is an issue with pressed powder foundations rather than loose mineral powder foundations. Loose mineral powder foundations are suitable for sensitive skins. The perfect foundation brush will ensure they are easy and quick to apply.

Crème foundation – cream foundations are most suitable for dry skin and often give an airbrush foundation makeup look. There are various textures available in crème foundations. They can be a mousse foundation or a whipped foundation and can provide a dewy finished look. Those with an oilier skin type can use a mattifying primer to control the very dewy finish or a pressed powder to avoid the foundation looking cakey. However, crème foundations are often not suitable for oily skins.

Stick foundation – the stick format is straightforward to use and great for covering just blemishes and dark circles rather than applying all over the face like other foundation types. Stick foundations are often full coverage and matte formulations and applied in specific areas like concealers. They can also be used as a type of highlighter, will provide a convenient and complete coverage base, and are popular with makeup artists.

CC and BB creams are usually suitable for all skin types, although some with very sensitive skin may have problems with these types of makeup. BB stands for “blemish balm” or “beauty balm” and is usually a creamy, lightweight foundation formula that will act as a very sheer foundation. It helps with evening out skin tone while moisturising and adding a small amount of colour. Like BB cream, CC cream (which stands for “colour correcting”) provides a tinted moisturiser type coverage that evens skin tone and won’t look cakey. Use your fingers, favourite foundation brush, or a moist makeup sponge to apply BB and CC cream.

Tinted moisturiser – this product has very light coverage and is not a long-wear foundation. It is usually very sheer coverage. New foundation formulas include “serum foundations”, which is a fancy way of saying tinted moisturiser! Tinted moisturisers are very sheer and will barely provide even light coverage. Suppose you need to cover dark blemishes or excessive discolouration. In that case, a tinted moisturiser will not be the type of makeup you require. Many also contain an SPF, but it is recommended that you still wear a dedicated sunscreen.


Rageism’s Best Makeup Foundation

All Day Foundation – our liquid foundation makeup is explicitly formulated for mature skin. It is perfect for all skin types, including oily skin. It is a light to medium coverage buildable foundation. It provides more coverage than a BB or CC cream but less full coverage than a cream or stick foundation. It is a mineral foundation containing hyaluronic acid, squalene, and camellia leaf extract for hydration. Our five shades will ensure you find your true match. It is a dewy, glowy formulation that will have your skin looking like your own skin but better. It is a natural finish, and you may apply it with a foundation brush or fingers. All Day Foundation is a revolutionary mineral foundation formulation perfect for all mature skin types.

Loose Mineral Powder Foundation – triple-milled, 100% mineral, natural foundation. It is perfect for all skin types but especially suited for oily, combination or sensitive skin. Our selection of 8 shades will ensure you find the ideal shade for your skin tone. The foundation is excellent for dark circles, blemishes and skin tone. It is simple to apply with your favourite kabuki brush or our special vegan buffer brush. A great beauty tip is to wear the foundation with our Illuminating Primer. You will achieve a glowy, dewy look, and the makeup won’t settle in lines and wrinkles. The loose mineral powder foundation is also waterproof, sweatproof, and provides natural sun protection equivalent to SPF15. The pure minerals (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) are excellent natural sun protection.


Rageism’s Best Foundation Brushes

With so many different types of foundations, it can be hard to know how to apply them. So, we have created the perfect foundation brushes for our mineral foundations.

Using our Liquid Foundation Brush is an efficient and convenient way to apply our All Day Foundation and our Illuminating Primer. The brushes are vegan, cruelty-free and made from high-quality synthetic fibres. One of the many benefits of foundation makeup includes evening out your natural skin tone. By using this brush you are guaranteed that the coverage is beautifully even and your base is perfect.

If you are applying our Loose Mineral Powder Foundation, then the ideal brush is our Buffer Brush. Like the Liquid Foundation Brush (and all our brushes!), it is vegan, cruelty-free, and has high-quality synthetic fibres. To ensure that your loose powder foundation looks its best, this brush is the one you need. You apply the powder foundation in a circular/buffing motion. This method ensures you will have a medium, even coverage. Always shake any excess product from the brush before using.

The world of foundations is a confusing one! There are expensive options like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, Estee Lauder Double Wear and Fenty Beauty, and cheap choices like Maybelline Fit and L’Oreal Paris.  Rageism Beauty offers a product made and owned in Australia, formulated specifically for mature skin and tailored to our customers. This personal service is something that big brands can’t do. We can advise you personally and help you make the right choice for your needs. You can call us, email us or reach out through social media. We will assist you in choosing the perfect foundation for your mature skin that is cruelty-free and vegan and will complement and work for your skin.

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